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  1. just click clear or the X on the swipe down notification
  2. you can install the official ics using flash tool without touching the bootloader, just download flash tool then the official ftf rom. http://androxyde.github.com/ http://narod.ru/disk/51833859001.cf1a96943518243acc58940b1106847b/WT19i_4.1.B.0.431_Generic.rar.html http://www.mediafire.com/?31a4krabpcc810a http://www.4shared.com/rar/iXSC0Tah/WT19i_41B0431_PH_Generic_1254-.html
  3. I used wotan server which cost about 15 quid, the process is pretty simple really but I was having trouble getting my fone recognised because of a dodgy data cable, when you run the test point method it unlocks the bootloader aswell. Ive installed the official version of ics using flash tool, im having trouble getting custom ics roms to boot though for some reason, the kernals for ics all seem to be very buggy and they all cause boot loops for me.
  4. I finally managed to get it unlock using the testpoint method, think the problem was the data cable.
  5. anyone found a genuine site that sells codes for this fone? i dont want to go down the testpoint route it doesnt work for me.
  6. is yours locked to virgin? ive just got the live walkman locked to virgin but having trouble finding a sim unlock code for it. I paid to use the wotan server but it uses the testpoint method which I cant seem to get working for some reason, wotan arent very helpfull either they dont respond to my emails.
  7. just says the zip is corrupt everytime i try to remove some of the app apk's
  8. this zip seems to be corrupt aswell, ive downloaded it twice and everytime i try to remove some of the apps it keeps returning an error, it was the same with the xperia styled rom aswell, anybody else having the same problem?
  9. the zip seems to be corrupt, ive downloaded it twice and everytime i try to remove some of the apps it keeps returning an error, anyone else tried to remove any apps?
  10. did you install a blade rom? the U880 is not a blade. follow these instructions http://android.modaco.com/topic/343503-zte-t-u880-variant-of-blade/page__st__120
  11. im sure it would be on there if it was an ics rom lol
  12. but the roms change all the time so something that might be a negative about the rom might be fixed in the next release
  13. i installed gapps but it doesnt let me select english uk for some reason
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