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  1. AOSP or C9 wich is better , what is more stable , less bugs and better battery life ?
  2. GPS doesnt work ? or i did something wrong ? can anyone confirm that, i get searching for GPS
  3. GPS does work, it has been working since first beta. video recording and bluetooth didnt work , so i dunno about now. but i've decided to download it and flash it right now
  4. so what is better cm9 rom or aosp ? i ma currently on cm9 bt003 with a new firmware any suggestions what is better to use , more stable and less bugs?
  5. gps turn by turn navigation doesnt work, sound is disturbed from speakers.
  6. i just installed the new firmware now i should delete the img zip folder from sd card?
  7. ok now i got a CID just finished and running BT002 should i flash the firmware now or flash rom and then firmware?
  8. my prom command doesnt work , i type what it says , and nothing happening
  9. ok i'll do that , since i am having continues reboots , should i go back to HTC sense rom and then flash firmware or flash ur rom and then firmware ?
  10. trip i have a problem , i wiped data cache and installed rom, when i rebooted the phone , it was rebooting continuesly , what seems to be a problem i tried reflashing it 3 times, same thing
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