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  1. Hi Trip The themes not work The restore 60 Apps of 64, 4 apps the backup titanuim said app not installed, I dont what happen The ring tone Mp3 for incomming call not sound, both select ring tone OGG working good Nice work Man!!! :)
  2. Downloadinggggggggggggggggggggggg Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Thanksssssssssssss Trip ;)
  3. Hi Trip: I receive calls and answer the first time I heard randomly answer but if I call back the same number and now works correctly. :angry: With Miui V4 I have no problem, works perfect and all the calls I get to the first time I hear perfect. ;) Maybe it's a bug in CM 9 Good job man.
  4. Trip My phone is HTC Sensation, upgrade the last firmware and my HBOOT is 1.20 HTC Sensation XE is HBOOT 1.23 is correct?
  5. Working good this kernel boot ok better speed ok more test for battery drain :D
  6. Yes incoming call not work Update Return TripNiCE REVISED TR001B Both the problem not solved incoming call Preview update ROM TripNiCE HTC Pyramid | 001 | Senseless, update my Radio 11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.16 M Return my Radio 10.58.9035.00U_10.15.9035.02_2 and incoming call fixed
  7. feedback bootloop in splash android .. more 10min not finish, maybe try again with SuperWipe Can you return splash the stock ICS :unsure:
  8. I'm test other ROMs both Iam don't like Is the better AOSP ICS ROM / CM9 in this moment and the future, out out sense, not is necessary, live pure pure AOSP ICS Very very fast, gooooooooood job Thanks Man !!!! :D
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