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  1. Hello! Guys!!! Just bought the one x. And sadly my blade is no more now. I want to thank all my great friends as well as the devs who helped me in bringing the dual/multiboot feature into life...!!! And making my blade so beutifull by creating such great ROMs. THANK YOU!!!
  2. Hello,guys!I need a battery of our beloved blade urgently in india.But i am unable to find it out. Can someone help me? THANKS IN ADVANCED!
  3. You can change the governor settings by going to performance >processor>CPU governor.
  4. You have to click 7 times on the 'Build no.' in About menu to inlock the development and performance options!
  5. You can only port rom from devices which are armv6 and if you want to know how it is done with our blade,u have to understand the porting tool below
  6. Ya i will make those roms.But sorry guys,i will not be able to continue my development for next 15-20 days because of exams. But i will try to complete your requests asap!""
  7. Try to repartition the blade by tpt. If it doesn't work,then try to flash a rom tpt from below.This method had worked for me. http://www.mediafire.com/?dnpji1bfgjklee1
  8. If you reboot after ticking the option,the option gets unticked itself.It's because of "not fully" working triple buffering. So no sense in enabling that option.
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