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  1. Paul, I found something wrong with the kitchen, which is great by the way, If I choose not to include the Advanced Power Menu Options, I still get it in the rom. Weird. I just want a rom somewhat normal for a couple that I'm giving 2 nexus 7's to for their wedding gift, and I dont want them to get to recovery (twrp) easily. Any ideas?
  2. Why does it take me to the store sometimes when I click Bake in the second thread. Im logged in
  3. do you mean multiling keyboard. I really want to play with the new ICS voice to text as you speak.
  4. Great work Trip, ICS seems so nice. I cant seem to figure out how to use the voice to text with the keyboard though. Any Ideas. I do have the voice input key set to show up on the main keyboard, but I don't see it. Is this something that is just not done yet or is it me?
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