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  1. im on the latest release. all video is current to nvidia's tree. http://github.com/pershoot/galaxy-31 can you pls point me to the change(s) in mention? thx.
  2. hi eduardo and scanno. have a quick question for you. on my device, when i use 05-21 libs from ventana, when i turn the device portrait while on lockscreen the top 25% flickers. in market, when in portrait, dialog boxes have a flicker around them (the borders). using 3.1 kernel from OEM, with up to date video patches. im unsure what im missing from my build (if anything) to compensate for this at this current time. this is on ICS (but i assume the same will occur on JB as well). i see that you are using 05-21 now. have you encountered this situation? thx:)
  3. hi eduardo/cass. ive been battling an issue with bcmdhd on my 10.1 device, and was wondering if you all have experienced this. im getting a quarter of the throughput using it, and was wondering if you all have come across this in your own implementations. not able to see the cause, as of yet. thx.
  4. it should, yea (along with everything else your bringing in from it). edit: dont forget to add your custom stuff back in (rgb, dc, etc.) after syncing. you can follow my git log messages (for what was done,reverted,etc.) and changes as a guide.
  5. check your kernel video subsystem to ensure it is sync'd in full to the latest .39.4 offering, and ensure you have at the minimum the 14 files listed above from the ventana ics rls from yesterday for a boot, with DC_EXTENSIONS on and 666 to the dev interfaces.
  6. too many deps to go through. just used the lot of them (libnv*, libstagefrighthw, omxplayer, *.axf, *gl* (egl), gralloc/hwcompose (hw)). kernel (the other sync changes from nv-2.6.36 are required if using my patches): https://github.com/p...7c9c2a04c72146d https://github.com/p...b8f1970459c05ad https://github.com/p...5fdaf398676a90f
  7. speaking just from a video perspective: use the '14' libs (http://android.modac...ost__p__1865178) from the ventana ics rls this morning. set TEGRA_DC_EXTENSIONS (overlay off) and 666 /dev/tegra_dc_0 and /dev/tegra_dc_1 (new gralloc uses _%u instead of %u). im getting things cleaned up and will post change ids from my backport/sync, and also libs needed for HW OMX, etc.
  8. youtube hq workin:) ill get it all cleaned up and pushed in and reply back with change ids, etc.
  9. im working on this now as well for galaxy tab 10.1.
  10. good luck eduardo. i tried briefly to shimmy in nvavp a short while back (they left it uncompilable in both .36/.39), but there were other deps i was working with at the time for import, so abandoned it, and left it on the backburner. if this avenue doesnt work (+ your libmedia patch), ill try to hack the binary up to take the suspected check out.
  11. ya, was already including this (from the latest xoom teameos build), along with libtpa.
  12. do you have the stub in mention that i can reference? i could give it another go later, so this can be factored in/out.
  13. https://github.com/pershoot/galaxy-2636/commit/81001a4065d8c00cc3914afb9fda9c0802148fc5 https://github.com/pershoot/galaxy-2636/commit/cf6e90f6e2849b8d94f3fd0cc689b7b791b81afb
  14. private/drm appears to load/init via libpkip; just wont go past nvhdcp.
  15. unfortunately, cant get past: E/gralloc ( 96): HDCP: hdcp_open failed, error 1 ah well. ill keep it on the backburner.
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