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  1. I've had dealings with Cash Generators myself.., they really don't care, providing the device lights up and appears to work. In fact, VegaBean, functionally, is an improvement over stock factory. So, I would leave it as it is. Just ensure you've removed/deleted any personal related stuff, deleted your Gmail account etc., before you part company with the device. Rgrds, Ged.
  2. Root 'exploit' for the Nexus 7 - Root without unlocking the Bootloader! An 'exploit' has recently become available that allows the easy ROOTING of the Nexus 7, without unlocking the BOOTLOADER. ...by running a simple script on your PC... --------------------- Unlocking the BOOTLOADER (normally the prerequisite for ROOTING) has the undesirable side-effect of wiping the device. This 'exploit' doesn't wipe anything... run the script, reboot and you're rooted. Piece of cake! Here is the link... [Root][JB 4.2] Root your Nexus 7 without unlocking bootloader. (djrbliss motochopper) - xda-developers ---------------------- I have extensively tested this, and I can confirm it works on my 'grouper' Nexus 7 whilst running STOCK JELLYBEAN 4.2.2 (JDQ39). Hope this is of use to someone. Rgrds, Ged.
  3. Hi, ChinaRon... It involved a bit of tinkering and experimentation and I'm a little vague about the precise steps I took, but as far I can remember here's how I did it... -------------- I flashed ChainFires SuperSU updater package (http://download.chai...perSU-v1.04.zip) in Recovery. (This also removes any previously installed version of superuser). This is the way I normally obtain ROOT, and I expected it to work without problems here. Unfortunately it didn't; the SuperSU app itself didn't appear in the app drawer (as it normally does) and runnning 'su' in Terminal Emulator just caused TE to hang... so something wrong with the su binary. I resolved it by then installing SuperSU as normal, from PlayStore (http://play.google.c...e.supersu&hl=en)... this placed the SuperSU icon in the app drawer, and upon running it, I was given the option of updating the su binary... which I did. And all has been working fine so far. Hope this helps... Rgrds, Ged.
  4. Hi, Paul... Been running r9 for 4 hours now... and apart from some minor problems with Koush's new SuperUser and associated binary, all is running fine. The new SuperUser works, for the most part... but with certain apps, it's behaviour is decidedly odd - Titanium complains that 'there is something wrong with SU binary', but after a couple of reboot's it settles down fine and stops complaining. ScriptManager doesn't seem to log correctly in the SuperUser app, but works fine otherwise... and Lagfix (fstrim) plain doesn't work at all! (Objects to trimming /data). I've experimented with Koush's SuperUser before it became a part of Cyanogen and experienced similar problems... anyway, after a bit of messing around, I've managed to replace it with ChainFires SuperSU... It might not be 'open source', but it works flawlessly. As does your ROM. Thanks for the great work... Rgrds, Ged.
  5. Thanks for the pointer, Oldbarzo... This must be a new setting...(I'm sure I never had to set this in r6...). Developer options (Advanced reboot)... I suppose it's a blindingly bloody obvious place to look!.... it just never occurred for me to look there! Anyway... all is running well now - (just flashed Franco #47 alongside r7). Thanks one again. Rgrds, Ged.
  6. Thanks, Paul... Very nice as always... But where have the 'bootloader' and 'recovery' options vanished to in the REBOOT option? They're not critical of course... but they were VERY convenient to have!! All I get now is..."Your tablet will reboot"... :(. Nonetheless, still a great ROM... :). Rgrds, Ged.
  7. Ah... that explains why I couldn't find references to it elsewhere. (I honestly did expect to find a 200 page+ thread on XDA originated by some kernel coding wizard! :)). Thanks for the explanation. Rgrds, Ged.
  8. Hi, Paul... Just got around to flashing r5... And as is typical of your ROMs, it's great... However, I have a question... For a while now, after flashing, first MCR Roms and more recently, CM-MCR Roms, I followed up by fastboot flashing franco's kernel. But as of recent, I have noticed, (particularly in TempleRun2), not quite a 'lag', as such, but a frame rate discrepancy... at random intervals - the screen would get 'choppy' - like it was having a hard time keeping up with the pace of the game (using franco's kernel). But sticking with the default kernel that ships with r5 (3.1.10-g72e6ca1 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Feb 1 09:55:20 GMT 2013) such issues are no more... indeed, everything feels ridiculously buttery smooth. I ran some AnTuTu benchmarks... and over three passes, here are my averages... r5 with franco's kernel: 11066 r5 with (default) fritz.box kernel: 12419 ...and my Nexus 7 just feels a lot smoother and faster with the default r5 kernel.. over franco's. I'm puzzled as to why this should be, given the kudos and prestige that franco has acquired over the past few months. I know you can't speak for franco (only franco can do that)... but it is odd. ------- Anyway, here is my question... Where do I go to find out about this BuildBox.fritz.box kernel... ? I have Googled it, and I can find no references to it anywhere... Is it based on the stock kernel? is it CyanogenMod based? Or is it one of your creations, Paul. -------- Looking forward to r6 - terrific stuff so far... thank you. Rgrds, Ged.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on that... didn't even know Franco had released a new kernel... Just fastboot flashed it and... not had time to tinker with settings... but very smooth... Great ROM and a great kernel... GED.
  10. Hi, Baz Scotland... If by enhanced 'Quick Settings' ... you mean the right hand pull down shade... Well, that feature is already built in... Go to SETTING>INTERFACE>SYSTEM>Quick Settings Panel: Tiles and Layout. Here you can add, delete and drag 'tiles' around. GED.
  11. Hi, Paul... I can only but echo the sentiments of Oldbarzo... Hurray!! - it works... :) :) :) [dances a merry jig, and smokes a cigar] :)! Just flashed r3 over Jr1... and not a black screen (of death) or a 'not responding' error message in sight!... anywhere.. ...just this - 'Android is upgrading, optimising app [x] of 213' Thanks for your time and patience in getting this fixed... it's appreciated. GED.
  12. Hi, Oldbarzo... Just spent the past couple of hours messing around with the r2 prebake... flashing different permutations of ROMs and wipes, and was unable to replicate the error messages you mention. Login with gmail was without problem on those flashes that worked... But there is something still not quite right with this build... As an experiment, I tried flashing the r2 prebake as follows ... with the results given... ------------ r2 prebake... Flashed over current installation of Jr1 (200 odd apps installed - /system/app odexed) - Black screen for 20mins after MoDaCo boot animation. Eventually I forced a reboot into bootloader. Flashed over clean install of stock JellyBean (JOP40D) - Black Screen for 20mins after MoDaCo boot animation. Eventually I forced a reboot into bootloader. Flashed over clean install of MCR Jr13 - 'Android is upgrading, optimizing app [x] of 107' and then 'System UI not responding' at lock screen. Bootlooping. Eventually I forced a reboot into bootloader. Flashed over clean install of CM10.1 Jr1 - 'Android is upgrading', optimizing app [x] of 107'... that works... no problems... Flashed after a full wipe, as a new ROM - Works without problems. ------------ So the only way of getting r2 to work for me, as it stands, is to begin again... with Titanium backup restores. Anyway, I'm back on my nandroid backup of Jr1 with Franco's kernel... and it's working beautifully. GED. (edited for clarification).
  13. Just flashed with full wipes... booted no problem.. Just a problem flashing over my current installation of Jr1 GED.
  14. Hi, Paul... When you say 'first boot takes a while', how long approximately... I've been looking at a black screen now for 15 minutes (since the MoDaCo boot animation disappeared)... surely that can't be right? Tried flashing this twice over my Nandroid restored copy of r1 - both with and without cache wipes. I'll try flashing again with full wipes... as a completely fresh ROM install... see what happens... PS. I'm using the prebake file... r2-update-modacocyanogenmodcustomrom-nexus7-kitchen-unsigned-MD5-c3df7eb0331aeaf6510e075233119e6c.zip This is the correct one, isn't it?... just want to be sure, as I have two r2's on my N7 now. I'm also using TWRP as my custom recovery... don't think that makes a difference though. ------ Very odd these difficulties should be presenting themselves with this new build, given how easy and trouble free Jr1 was to flash. Anyway, I'm sure it'll all get sorted out sooner or later... and I still have my nandroid copy of Jr1 to fall back on. GED.
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