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  1. Version 11.27 with Omni works well mistaken. Great, great, great!
  2. All right! I've got it. I must say that it is great not only for you but also for us. [emoji106] [emoji122] [emoji108]
  3. @Mourta I do not need a lollipop. I need a great rom and kernel from you .I wish you much success! Many thanks!
  4. Okay! I will test it a little deeper and more thorough. One is already noticed: audio is louder, so volume I mean.
  5. Of course tested on your AOSPKK. The whole system runs better and faster. This kernel is really well done. Although it is not yet finished.
  6. I have tested it on AOSP. Works flawlessly. The phone wakes up faster.
  7. Yeah! Good News! [emoji776] Thanks Mourta! [emoji772]
  8. Hi Mourta Thank you for your effort. Your liquid rom and your kernel 3.4 work perfectly. No hang up and not freeze. GPS,3G,H,and WLAN working properly. I will test now on. :) Deep-Sleep-and CPU-core division in order. ;) GPS I've tried in the kitchen.(So under the roof, in the house.)!!!! Many thanks!
  9. Right! There is that. [emoji25] This happened to me also. Black screen and hangs up. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_wMLxftQIyIOVphMnI2blFzZW8/edit?usp=docslist_api https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_wMLxftQIyIWG00UFJyVlJwSWc/edit?usp=docslist_api Please keep working on this rom. (If you have time). It's just damn good! We are very grateful! [emoji106] dmesg.txt logcat.txt
  10. All KK rom has many, many bugs . ICS has a lot less bugs. This is fact.
  11. Hi Mourta Your work surpasses all my expectations. In short: HATS OFF! MANY THANKS!
  12. @ivanhoe6 I think that the dialer is in order. Your brother has only some hair. [emoji1][emoji3][emoji2]
  13. The ART is really fast. Without new applications works perfectly. I have reinstalled everything and see: it flies! Thanks
  14. Hi Mourta One thing is certain: your work is great. My posts are not directed at you. Your kernel and your rom is really fantastic. I like your work.
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