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  1. Don't be a stranger... if you have some interesting comments on ICS feature differences of note between GN and Sensation ROMs, then please add your comments. Thanks for your assistance here.
  2. I trust you have sorted out everything with PO'B and this thread will be continuing while you update TripNDroid beta? This should be good for Modaco and probably for you getting new some new Sensation owners to try your OS. Positive comments on this version over on rootzwiki! I've downloaded this ROM but waiting on your comments on Twitter... hmmm CM9 b14!
  3. Thanks for the updates. Did you also get a new battery cover/unibody or was it OK? Can you put up a pic of your completed project? :) I'm looking at getting a second sensation and figure one maycome up with a smashed screen sometime.
  4. With this strong lead, let's hope that the developers prioritise Sensation, particularly given the success of development of ROMs forSensation in 2012. This is a great opportunity, but in the back of my mind I'm confident that a Modaco developer has his eye on getting a Miui ROM up, too. Maybe they can team up to get it across to Sensation, sooner.
  5. Terrific news from TripNRaver! Thanks for your initiative and efforts and looking forward to the download. Congrats.
  6. Thanks for taking on cleanup duties here. :rolleyes: Signs look positive for a new ROM from TripNRaver (if no additional major problems surface), so hopefully all comments can be removed from the Development/ROM thread. Aside from lots of people trying it out I'd expect LOTS more activity once everyone's providing feedback on the next (4.03) TripNice!
  7. I like reading the updates on http://twitter.com/TripNRaVeR Even when there's not a new release; it's VERY appreciated since it updates anyone interested. While there is not a new release here, it shows that he's learning, eliminating issues, finding new ones and getting closer to a AOSP 4.03 for Sensation. Keep up the tweets!
  8. Just for discussion purposes: Trebuchet launcher from Cyanogenmod seems to be only for ICS 4.03, according to this info. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1410674 I recall TripNraVeR mentioned possibly integrating it into one of the ICS ROMs. Would you have access to one already modded to run on 4.01 or will you DIY it to run? Discuss!
  9. This should be something everyone here will want to try. Thanks! Will this ROM experience bring you any new tools or experience to use on your main AOSP Sensation ROM or is it just an exercise to see what made the Sense leak so fat? :) This would be my first go at s-off, root, flash etc so I'm ready to try your Senseless ROM, once I've seen it's going to be reliable enough to hand over to my wife. :D
  10. I spotted this YouTube vid of TripNiCE (008B), posted by Alexaye on Dec 26 (someone here?): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=r1HW3WKJ2JU 130 views. ROM version is shown around 1.49 after the start. Good to see interest and to show anyone interested!? There's a bit of other stuff in the vid, which is why it looks like a Sensation XL video before you click it.
  11. Wow, I get back to the ICS forums and discover someone's passing off the TripNiCE beta as their own ROM on xda. What a nerve. [28.DEC.11]▐[ZIP]⁞★★Seanster_GBaxe ICS v1.0★★⁞Android 4.0.1 AOSP⁞ENDTIME 004 Kernel▐ http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1414713 Thread is now locked but the guy's answers when he got called out by many people is brazen. Is that like acquiring someone else's restaurant meal and then selling it as your own at another restaurant? I'm a bit new to this but understand that TripNiCE is not totally open source/open to developers in the traditional sense, so I was shocked that someone would just take the product and pass it off as their own work! On xda of all places, where people are very aware of what they are missing. Is this Seanster person for real? Does he do this to other peoples' work? Just asking since his thread indicates he has 'made' other 'latest&greatest' ROMs. Interesting!
  12. Here's the summary of the newest TripNICE version and download link, just in case anyone here missed it: Please DO NOT hound Trip on that thread for stuff, since it's just for fixing any problems on that build. ;) Better to ask non-build stuff here. I hope people can keep that thread crap free this time; looking forward to the improvements in this one. :)
  13. Is TripNRaVer is almost ready to post another version of the TripNice beta? http://twitter.com/TripNRaVeR The other thread has been locked just over 24hrs; rather than make the alert abut the other thread, is this ROM going to be permanently on hold or will we see it released here? Thanks for the continual updates and hard work, Trip. Best of luck with the testing and final touches. :)
  14. http://twitter.com/TripNRaVeR I'd expect an update on the Twitter feed. [Mods, FYI to note the past two TripNRaver tweets indicate another release after final fixes. Modaco could get busy again, soon!]
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