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  1. I hope he has enough of the bugs out so I can leave ARHD 6.0.2 and come back to this AOSP, I really like this rom but needed email app to be working.
  2. It would be fine if everything was working in this ROM, but Trip is still working on all the basic features never mind extra stuff like on screen buttons.
  3. Im not sure why you need on screen buttons since the sensation has physical buttons! and you'll lose screen space with the on screen buttons.
  4. But I do believe everything is working, so it may be worth looking at and perhaps flashing. I plan on flashing it :)
  5. from what I understand, it's a different ROM. He's been working on a Senseless ROM. Trip feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. doesn't get hot for me, only when It's plugged in and I have wifi on and using it heavily.
  7. but if the admins/mods could make it so you need a specific number of posts to view links (say 5 or more posts) then that would get rid of the aliases a.k.a. spam, almost altogether.
  8. that doesnt work for the camera, but face unlock does work with the camera :) Did you have any problems with gmail or email apps?
  9. follow him on twitter, he's been posting more there then on these forums. http://twitter.com/tripnraver
  10. Battery life seems improved on S008B, getting about 10 hours with about 50% remaining on the stock battery :)
  11. update coming tonight! Edit: For the non believers! https://twitter.com/#!/TripNRaVeR/status/151134728131584000
  12. Any changes? Because i was getting random reboots after trying to login to wordfeud, i finally was able to login though. It didnt happen with the beta downloaded from the first post.
  13. Sorta new to Modaco, created an account a few weeks ago when I found Trip's ICS rom for the Sensation and mostly been posting in that thread, finally decided to browse the rest of the forum lol. Not new to Android, been using Android since 1.6.
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