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    ZTE racer... ZTE blade!!!
  1. +1! i still using ICS until JB have camcorder fixed ;/ thnks you 2! PS: XMasterNinni rom is trimmed: EDIT: please upload to another site. we cant download rom and gapps. traffic limit's reached. :X
  2. Well... im running this rom overclocked at 710 few months ago without any problems. Blade needs this overclock lol. ColdfusionX have more features. What make this bigger for system partition. This rom is trimmed to be light and simple. Fits in 138mb system layout. If more data (apps) matter to you, this is you CM9 rom ;/
  3. Ok. That can be some reason for burstlam dont post this build here. Same thing on racer. When we get the chinese roms they come with lots of bugs.
  4. pois bem visto... tenta checar a versao do teu blade. talvez seja gen 1 ou ate gen 3 e agente n sabe. fora isso, n sei :X https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apedroid.pigfish well... true. try check the gen of you blade. just to be sure.
  5. estranho. o BT sempre funcionou no meu A5. com qualquer rom. melhor tentar a garantia... volta pra rom stock. restaura o ftm e menda pra eles :) weird. bt works fine for me (same device). try warranty. restore FTM and try...
  6. just flash the Konsta gen 2 TPT. in 2º post you see :). for me, a good tpt need to have a good data partition and a good system partition to fit ROM. in that case, Konsta TPT have 301 MB data (for app's. if you dont know). and 138 system. all ROMS fit in that. even paranoid android fit in that now :P
  7. or try install with rom manager > flash ClockworkMod Recovery (first option). easy ;/. http://goo.gl/pbT0y
  8. Well... this happens to me when i turn off screen with notifications opened. Just turn off screen again and this back to normal :)
  9. Ok. You tpt have a small data partition? If yes, you need to fash konsta tpt. How to see you system layout? Here.
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