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  1. I solved my own problem. It turns out even if I am on ir12 already, I still need to wipe again if I want the CM9 Dialer to install successfully. If I don't wipe (I used superwipe script), then it doesn't work.
  2. I used that superwipe script when I flashed ir12 from ir10 (forgot where I got it, but its around). Everything worked. Maybe you want to try that.
  3. I checked all the dialer settings, I am not seeing any option to enable it. By default, names don't come up as I spell them out using the dial pad. I think the kitchen did not include cm9 dialer even though I selected it. Twice. I'll try the kitchen again.
  4. I pressed some numbers, what am I suppose to see? people's name don't come up. Same as stock dialer. This is my second bake so I am SURE I baked in the dialer option (however I didn't include the APN list).
  5. How to I enable CM dialer? I selected it when cooking the rom. But no idea how to enable it.
  6. Just installed a newly baked rom. So far soooo good. I am coming from Ir10. I did a wipe before installing Ir11 beta. Its feels significantly faster, NFC is finally working with franco kernel. Restored apps with Titanium backup, everything restored just fine. No issues so far.
  7. I too confirm franco kernel + latest Ir9 = disabled NFC (you cannot enable NFC anymore) at least on my phone. It works fine with Modaco custom kernel but immediately disables itself after flashing franco kernel (#12).
  8. Yes it does, using it right now. Let me know your battery life with franco's kernel. My seemed to be perfectly fine until below 30%, maybe a calibration thing.
  9. Percent Battery without Search Button : ) I asked for the percent battery which was partly fulfilled (percent battery gives you a search button, which I don't want). So I made this flashable zip Use the attached for: Circular Percentage Battery + Menu button on both sides also active when hidden Note: non of the stuff is my own creation, I just extracted the systemui.apk from roms and pasted over the battery icons. Let me know if you guys want any other combinations. -------------------------- update: for some reason menu buttons are active on both sides (not just the right). I think its because the kitchen option (menu button on right also active) is also incorrect, since I selected right side only. anyways I updated this post to reflect on that. CircleBatteryPlus3UIactiveunsigned.zip
  10. I am using KL1 (with rogers) and haven't had any issue. I hear people saying kk6 is better, but I won't fix what ain't broken. I also heard KL1 is newer than KK6. Bottom line, I don't think it matters.
  11. What is the camera issue everyone is talking about? I tried all the features in camera/camcorder. No issues so far. I am on Ir8 with stock kernel and UGKL1 baseband. Also, I did a test with two gnex. The stock kernel is significantly more battery efficient than modaco custom kernel r7 (no oc/uv). Both screen were off for 2+ hours with everything on (bluetooth, wifi, etc). stock kernel dropped 8-9 percent while custom kernel dropped 15-16%.
  12. Can someone make a flashable zip with the following options. Best if it can be included in the kitchen. Percentage Battery Meter (Stock Style) + Menu button on right also active when hidden I made a custom zip before but can`t remember the steps now.
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