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  1. It's ROM related. As mentioned a bunch of times in the past couple of pages, rename /system/bin/bluetoothd to something else and that should fix it - bluetoothd is constantly running which is stopping proper sleep. Not sure why it would drain if left plugged in though.
  2. Use Improve Facial Recognition ;) It'll appear in the options once you've set up Face Unlock. I've had to do it a fair amount of times to get it to be nearly-flawless.
  3. Flash it from recovery (Install from ZIP is probably the option you want).
  4. Mirror for the HTC Sensation Face Unlock patch (for this ROM): http://www.multiupload.com/SCO3N13LLY Let me know if there are any issues. ~ Zorlin & AOSPSensation Team.
  5. Flash this zip to get Face Unlock working. :) With love from http://twitter.com/AOSPSensation: http://www.mediafire.com/?gipr7xzq0rfcxse
  6. Given it's not rooted... is it crazy to suggest sending the thing back under warranty?
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