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  1. Here you got zip's for cwm recovery :) http://www.modaco.co...nd-updated-zips It's seems to be easier than you think without any guide.
  2. Your popups are corect :) sorry for problems, but now i know i installed center mod for MMHPM
  3. I just made full wipe, than installed your ROM, and installed CenterClock-NoBattery Mod from first post, my friend have the same problem like me. Now I noticed i can't call to someone and my friend's got the same bug. But SMS and MMS works fine. Problably in Polish there values isn't on good places:] please check that. Sorry, that don't improve speed, but i can see for example the loading anim work faster.
  4. KonstaT, I think i could find some bugs. As you can see I have a troubles while I install your ROM. Please look: In there pics you can see the pop-up's... and in first there is writed "Odtwarzanie przez Bluetooth" but there should be writed "Głośność multimediów". In second there is writed "Głośność multimediów" but should... "Głośność" That is just a text "bug" becouse everything is working OK. One think more, when I install SS-RLS1-CenterClock-NoBattery i can feel the speed improvance ! :D Thanks for your work, and sorry for my ang, i am 15 years old :P
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