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  1. ever since the latest update I am having problems with Google Now. All the new functionality doesn't work (package tracking, flights etc). Also when I try to add any more sports teams or Stock and I go back out it resets them to zero - they don't stick. Tried already resetting it and uninstalling/reinstalling from google play. edit: It also appears that the screen is shortly flashing as I exit the settings. any ideas? thanks Markus
  2. This one (13u): http://rootzwiki.com/topic/11552-gn-gsm3021ics40123uvgpucpu-occifsslqbotgfiopsv013feb-18/
  3. Anybody else having problems with Franco Kernel Governors to stick after reboots? It always default to francoturtle and 400 to 1000mhz. I had it set on francogazelle 400 to 1350. I now make it stick through SetCPU but it used to work but just checking the box in the Franco Utility. Could this be a 4.0.4 issue since Franco is designed for 4.0.3 and thus putting the necessary bootup files in the wrong place?
  4. Hey Paul. First of all thanks for your great work. I have some more bug reports: I have now gotten the System UI Crash for the 5th time and everytime it happened in a different app. Also randomly the Provider name adds 3 pound signs afterwards, which sometimes appears, sometimes its just my provider. so normally I see Tmobile but now I see Tmobile followed by 3 pounds signs afterwards. not really a big deal but weird. I also noticed that GPS lock takes a really long time sometimes and even if it locks its not accurate at all. I used the GPS Status app to re-calibrate and download GPS assistance data but to no effect.
  5. System UI seems to be force closing a lot on the latest Kitchen build. Right after that the signal indicator also drops to 0 even though I have full Wifi signal. Franco kernel doesn't keep the last governor and OC settings on reboot but that has to be a bug in his program? Other than that everything is working well and smoothly. best markus
  6. not sure if anybody else is having this issue but I noticed that although I have good reception my 3g bar signal never goes above or below 2 points.
  7. works great here too. Running Franco Kernel 16 OC'd to 1.35 ghz. Any way to increase the auto brightness levels again? edit: facebook and twitter contact sync doesn't seem to work best markus
  8. word! I wonder whats taking so long? maybe its going to be android 4.0.4 already? crossing fingers
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