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  1. Sorry glossy, should have said in-store.... and that have a receipt for £89 so I'm " absolutely certain that this is the outright price"...... and pretty sure its the cheapest it's been, so yeah, bargain..
  2. Just a heads up.... picked up an 8 gig moto g for £89 at asda! Bargain! That's now three in the family. Great phone that can even survive 'toilet encounters' :lol: wasn't me by the way! Cheers Surf
  3. Thanks tillaz! yeah you are coming across in bold lol...not red bold though! seems im now in bold too...
  4. Hey dude, you sell out lol! N4 eh, very nice, I think a few people will be heading that way. Best get saving then i guess :P (does seem a bit quiet around here lately :( ).. May catch ya when the little piggy fills up, cheers surf
  5. No worries, great to hear. Seems a very handy tools that iharrybao posted!
  6. Hi, I've been close to doing that a few times :blink: !! What rom did you install? It seems odd your backups don't work, I didn't think they got changed when you put different roms on? Whats not working or will CWM not restore them?
  7. If you want a different look you can change lots of things over in the kitchen..http://uot.dakra.lt/
  8. Don't know if you've seen this or not, It's save a few devices. Maybe worth a try...http://www.modaco.com/topic/354290-how-tosave-your-dead-vivacity/
  9. No worries! Seems you've tried a few roms then lol, you'd think one of those would work ok. If nobody else has any ideas then maybe go with your returning to stock plan.. If you search near the back of the forum there's a few threads about returning to stock.http://www.modaco.com/topic/356711-request-step-by-step-guide-on-returning-to-ftm-unlocking-and-flashing/ I believe you can flash a standard rom or try the ZTE tool, maybe someone could confirm this? Good luck, surf
  10. Hi, I just tried it on my sf2 running CM7, seems to work fine. What roms did you try? Good to see my list being used too!! :D Cheers surf
  11. Interesting post about SD cards http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1947560 and a link to the SD association formatting tool https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_3/
  12. Hi atic I think I've just had this problem, it wont let you select usb debugging? Try steps 8 to 10 again (leave it for a few minutes) and see if you get a windows update. If not here's a link to the ADB method. http://sanfranciscoandroid.co.uk/android/how-to-install-clockworkmod-recovery-on-the-orange-san-francisco-ii-zte-crescent/
  13. Yeah definitely a nightmare! Just went through the whole issue again unlocking Mrs Surf's new vivacity, tried on my xp machine, still moaning about drivers, Wasn't even going to attempt it on my 64 bit win 7 machine! So onto old faithful laptop with 32bit win 7. After several attempts windows decided to look on line, it found and downloaded an 'android' driver (I'm sure it didn't when I used it to unlock my crescent) then it all worked fine :D So is that new to windows or have I just missed it? Anyway I'll have a look tomorrow and see if I If I can see what it downloaded.
  14. Hi Rokai, sounds like you're running out of options.. Maybe have a read through http://www.modaco.com/topic/354290-how-tosave-your-dead-vivacity/. If you decide to try it, just remember to use a san fran rom. cheers surf
  15. Yeah I'm using next on cm7 with iblue theme, it's stunning! They had a sale on it a few months ago, i'd been wanting to try it for a while but at £10+ it seemed somewhat expensive, but now after using it a while its incredibly fast, smooth, looks beautiful so maybe it isn't...
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