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  1. I cant install some apps, like Tweakdeck. Play Store cant find it either. Any suggestions?
  2. Very nice! Everything is working! Good work.
  3. Did not work for me. Same issue. I cant even install apps from the market.
  4. I cant update my apps in the market with 114. Anyone?
  5. In my opinion is this build a way better for me. With CM9 i had many reboots and a lot of bugs. This new release looks and feels very stable and smooth. I only had problems with restoring the xda app. But i think that is not rom related. I run this rom an hour now and i didnt find any bug atm. Everything runs good. Trip, nice power notification option btw. Never thougt it was in this build.
  6. Not for me. In 15 minutes i got 2 soft reboot, and it stays on bootscreen. Not usable for me.
  7. The UI language is always in english. A couple things like the apm are my native language.. I cant get a battery percentage so IT seems i have to use an alternative battery indicator.. The rom feels very nice, stable and smooth! Very nice xD
  8. Looking forward ! Nice
  9. Wich firmware should i use for the miui rom? I already flashed the ics firmware but can i go back to GB firmware?
  10. Same here. Also the battery percentage isnt working for me.
  11. I noticed the same.. Its not as smooth as i thougt.
  12. It runs very smooth.. The browser will sometimes fall down. Camera works, BT not.

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