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  1. I had the San Francisco II, actually still got it in a drawer. Fantastic phone and it fitted like a glove once I got the FnC ROM on it, found 6 better than 7 for me personally. I never felt completely dressed unless I had that phone in my pocket as I went anywhere. Often picking it up to just look at it in awe, something I never did with other phones. Even as it approached 2 years old I felt the same but it had constant power problems and a replacement had to be found. Luckily the Y300 came on the scene and I just could not turn it down. It's heads n shoulders above my beloved SFII and I look at it the same way as my SFII as well. It has more power with the dual core, bigger screen and now I changed the launcher it's like having the SF II again but after an upgrade. Well I did buy it as an upgrade anyway. Never looked back since I got it and would do the same again. Holds the battery power well for me too.
  2. To me those words don't necessarily mean it/they had a lower version number before. Just to say it's on the most up to date version currently available. ie we reinstalled your software but made it sound like you got something extra.
  3. Go to; http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1774336 Download the player at (1) and I think it was the 26/08 one I got working. I connected my phone to the USB lead and plugged it in. Set it as a drive and placed the two files in the root of the SD Card. Then used the file manager to install them. You need to set the phone to allow non market apps to install first. Trying each file in turn from that list and deleting them from the phone is how I did it. But I'm sure it was the second one down or third if you include the player that worked on mine when I went to the Adobe Flash site and tried it. I have a working apk file for iPlayer too. But I never checked to see if it works at default on the phone, I just put it on the SD card and checked it out. If you use it and need the apk just shout up.
  4. I had the Swype problem too. On the screen where you select Swype and/or other keyboard types a little higher up, above the 4 selections, you can set the default to Swype. Once set there you should be OK. I don't turn mine off much so not checked, but it should work.
  5. I just got a good quality synthetic leather flip wallet for my Y300. It's BAAS and includes the case with all the correct cut outs, magnetic fastener, pockets for cards (needs a secure rubber band just for the cards I'm told, though I will not use it for that). Three small dusters, three protective inserts for the screen front and a good quality pen with soft ball tip to type with and make selections on the screen. £1.99 + postage. Was £3.28 total and well worth it! Just went to get the addy and it's gone up by £1 so £4.28 now though their are other offers around for similar items; http://www.amazon.co...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Nice one Frank, I believe they deliver up to 9pm. I used to cycle to Hull but using the Humber Ferry when I was a teen. All the way from Scunthorpe and up Dragonby Mines, Past Winterton, through the sluice gates and up to Barton then down to the ferry. God I miss that so much.....
  7. Took less than a week ordered online for me. Best just to bite the bullet, at least you know you're getting one then. Hope it turns up soon.....
  8. This is always the problem with a new phone on the market, was the same when I got my SFII nearly 2 years back. What I did this time with the Huawei Y300 was order online for delivery to my house, but could have chosen to pick up at the store as I did with the SFII. I ordered on June 25th and it said they were due out by that day. I missed that one and it then said on the 26th due by the 1st July. I got mine Friday 28th June and they emailed me the day before with the tracking number and on the morning about 3 times to say it was out with the courier. That same day 1 out 5 of our stores showed stock at amber level and I had been checking them daily. So glad I waited, the phone is just brilliant! I now have it unlocked and rooted, happy with the ROM but looking out for any decent new ones-in no rush though. The only problem is I don't like the way the app drawer has been taken out and no way to alphabetically list the apps. I have though added a Nemus Launcher as I had it on my SFII, so much better for me.
  9. I haven't took a pic of my y300 yet. But I used to use Nemus Launcher on my old SFII so I had no doubts about using it again. What I like is it's uncluttered but as organized as I want it. So 5 pages to put apps in but press and hold clear space to open a folder, make the folder bigger, drop apps in. Delete apps from the folder and/or just have them on the page, delete the folder itself. Use the folder to move multiple icons from one page to another with several icons in the folder and moving with one slide action. Drag unwanted apps to the bin at the bottom of the screen. Talking of which the bottom task bar has the almost standard 4 apps as icons. Slide left and you fit 4 more in, twice right and another 4 in if you want. Change them any time you wish and scroll left to right to see all 12 apps, home will take you to the main centre 4. Finally, and the bit I really really like, the bottom bar can be rotated on its own axis vertically to reveal the phone lock. Enter a 4 digit code to lock, add any more apps you want to lock. Rotate to normal position and when locked the apps you chose are in red and blocked, say phone, text, browser etc. Rotate vertically again, enter code and unlocked. Enter the code at any point, locked or unlocked (use code if locked) and enter any more apps you want blocked. Love it!
  10. I got the Y300 for £59.99 online as an upgrade on my SFII from CPW Friday 28th, ordered it Tuesday. Put my normal 02 card in from the other phone, loving it, even better with my old Nemus Launcher on from my San Francisco II (ZTE). Bootup is quick, found the net strangely slow until I added the Mac Id to my router, D'oh! One of our CPW shops is now showing amber stock same day as mine was due for free delivery. Edit: Now unlocked and rooted, 5 different email adresses and finally one hit paydirt, the rest got wrong details but all had the same details and one even had 2 pics enclosed. I used http://huawei-y300.t...ascend-y300-all for the unlock info and root + downloads. Mine is the Huawei Y300-0100 (U8833) - WCDMA International version. Touch also worked perfectly, that's where I thought the problems may be.
  11. Just an update. Still running F&C 6, same battery and the power retention is still first class. I go days without having to recharge. Not so bothered how it does it as to it actually does for me. I love this phone, have changed phone 2-3 times in a year before but had this one 2 years at Christmas. I still look at it like I did when I got it and love the ROM I use.
  12. I had this phone 7 months and then started losing power, reinstalled FnC 6 (my fave) and ran loads of tests. Got a replacement battery for £10 and was happy again a few months. I always always got good power retension up until changing the battery and then after fitting the new one, up until it started again. I put the Micro SD and the 02 card in another non Android phone and decided to use that until I had enough for a new phone. I decided against another new battery, but really hated the fact that I could no longer use this phone, I love it to bits. The non Android phone went flat overnight and was turned off when I awoke, yet it started with 100% power and I knew this phone normally lasted 5 days+. Straight away I suspected one of the cards, 02 or Micro SD. It turned out it was the Micro SD Card, so I copied the contents, formatted the card in the phone, replaced the contents, started the phone and ran Titanium Backup. Overnight the phone only lost 1% where normally even when I was happy with the power usage it lost 8% overnight. Two days in with slight use I still have 80% power left and I am well happy at this and the prospect of continuing to use the phone I love to bits. The Micro SD Card is a cheap 16gig Adata one and though a more expensive one may have helped people will fit their purchases to their budget. So this is a post to inform others that it's not always the end of the world with power issues and it's not always the most obvious of causes and/or replacements. Just a FYI and hope it helps someone...... Steve
  13. It's a cheap 16 gig Adata Micro SD card. Let me reiterate, I was happy with the power retension up to the battery going flat too quick at 7 months from purchasing the phone. I replaced the battery and was happy until it went again a few months later. At both times I ran ample tests to make sure it was a case of changing the battery. Except the second time I accidentally found it was the Micro SD card and not the battery. After wiping the card I get an even better power usage than ever before. Two days in I still have 80% power and I'm well happy with that as a light user, sometimes heavy when I need to. The point being this saved a new battery and/or getting a new phone, when I really really like this one in particular. Sure I could probably have stopped it happening in the first place by using a better type of Micro SD Card. When I later read others had had the problem it was from a range of card makes, some didn't even say which type. But with budgets being the way they are some folk will use the cheaper SD cards. This post is for those people who are faced with low power on a continual basis, changing batteries, changing phones because of it. This may present them with another option or at least a chance to see if it is the problem and it fixes their phone.
  14. I had my SFII 7 months and the battery was flat as a pancake in no time at all at the 7 month stage, prior to which it ran perfect and lastedc well. I reinstalled FnC 6, which is my preferred phone set up. Wiped the battery stats etc, did everything. No can do, battery needed. Got a new one for a tenner and an official one at that. Some 6/7 months later it starts again and I run the same checks. I love that phone to bits but a battery every few months just irks me so I decide it's time to slip the phone in a drawer or sell it cheap. Then I start to look for a new one, on my budget it has to be cheap. But I still hate losing my SFII deep down. Anyway I take the present 02 card and Micro SD card out and put them in one of my spares, which is reknowned for lasting well on power but not an android phone. Next morning, you guessed it yes 100% power down to 35% just overnight. I did some tests, then checked the net and confirmed it's a problem with some SD Cards. Copied the contents, formatted the card in the phone, put the contents back, reinstalled FnC 6, emptied the phone stats, ran my backups back in from Titanium Backup and et voila! Overnight the phone was left at 100% power, 12 hours later it's on 97% and holding well. It always always dropped 8% overnight even when running well so this too is an improvement and though it's not an exact science in battery stats I'm well pleased. Even more pleased that my beloved SFII with FnC 6 and some improvements from Raverrr can be run. These are parts from FnC 7 and other versions I wanted to retain so Raverrr included them in a seperate zip for me. Just an FYI for anyone else....... Thanks again Raverrr, Steve
  15. I purchased my SFII on 23.12.11, as a result of much deliberation and thought. After looking around and considering the available models at my budget I settled on the SFII. The main point, apart from looks, was the following the original San Francisco had and I felt sure this would continue with the new model. I scrimped and scraped and only just got my beloved phone in time for Christmas. I'm a semi invalid and not much spare cash. I'd already researched the act of unlocking it, getting rid of the Orange flotsam etc. The info and help in this forum was and is just amazing. What I hadn't expected was the huge amount of work you all put in to make the many ROMS. Especially Raverrr, who really made this the best phone ever for me. Even when subsequent ROM changes left out the individual bits I really wanted he sent me an app to fix it and put them back. I tried every FnC and other ROMS but have settled a long time now on FnC 6. This phone, to me, is still the best of the best at my price point. I'm as happy with it now as I was when I first got it. I even just look at it and declare how much I like and appreciate it. The only problem was a battery that went duff within 8 months, I got a proper replacement one for a tenner. A big big thankyou to Raverrr for all the time he spent on this. Here we are a year on mate and you did the biggest favour anyone could do in spending all that time investigating how to do these things. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Once again, a big thankyou because you did make a difference in this god awful world. Thankyou too, to the rest of the people who make this forum and it's tips and help work. Steve
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