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  1. this is probably the best rom ive ever used, cm7...anything. I only have graphic glitches here and there and youtube FC randomly...other then that s*** is awesome. maybe somebody can take over :)
  2. Besides YouTube randomly FC, graphic glitches...the rest of this rom is amazing.
  3. ya, about the battery resetting...it does nothing. Cuz when you charge it to 100% it resets the batterystats ne ways...If i read the google developers report right. :) so calibrating your battery by wiping stats is just a waste of time. But instead of using terminal to delete an app...use titanium it does just about everything. But to each thier own. But also, connecting to wifi is flaky, it connects but i usually have to go into wifi settings then turn wifi on/off/on and watch it connect. obtaining address, disconnect, then it obtains again but connects. Is wifi not as strong on this rom? cuz i usually stream pandora and can goto the end of my driveway, with like ARHD, and its still strong, but with this rom it starts buffering and i have like one - 0 bars on wifi.
  4. Use Google music, or "Google play", has not restarted yet. And works great.
  5. Google talk video had no sound, on either phone. Went to arhd and it worked on both phones. Even tango had the same problem. Anybody else?
  6. Video camera works, draw still closes...ehh it will get fix. No errors for anything else
  7. On 116, draw something does not work, it gets to where its getting Facebook info and closes out.
  8. does this have beats? i think HTC One S(X) says beats is built in...like to games and everything
  9. My network toggle does not work anymore, I have it set to 2g/2g-3g and nothing happens when I select it. It worked b4 but now nothing.
  10. I didn't say it was good, of course battery drain, I did it for like 3 minuets....it runs smooth just the way it is.
  11. Get system tuner pro, then u can force CPU online
  12. haha damn thread cleaners. I was wondering what I said wrong?
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