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  1. Ur problems r software related, just root ur phone and download a custom rom....
  2. When are you posting your new update for the miuiV4 rom? Oh... u can only do GPS fixes? Shoot, wish u didn't get our main dev fired. Bummer
  3. Whatever. I'm smoking a bowl and the man says I shouldn't do that. Free Trip!
  4. And can u please let Vorbeth know that, yes, he is extremely offensive and he is the reason I will be leaving this forum, not trips absence. He has turned this into a tattle tale and insult laden battle. I will not stand for being referred to as a fan boy just because Vorbeth is butthurt that trip wouldn't friend him. Might wanna clean his latest posts, he sounds like a dick.
  5. Agree with kadeus. Now, I do believe forum rules and etiquette are set for a reason, but this I don't agree with. If trip is making these roms for us, for free, with no obligation to flash, I consider that a huge favor. Some people donate, some dont, but to sit there and ask someone to give u a gift and then badger them about how they made it seems silly. On xda, the forums get cluttered with copies of roms that og devs spent lots of time on. Why do we need trips kernel source? So someone can hack it there own personal way so it runs to their precise specifications? If u can do that, then u can prolly just as easy build your own kernel. Maybe I'm confused about the situation, and maybe trip has acted childish, but I seriously appreciate his help in keeping my sensation better than any other phone. So, yea, bummer he's gone. I'm sure without him this site will see a major % less use. But I do understand the pride in sticking to what you believe in.
  6. Ha It seems like a bunch of kids just trying to get donations. Like the wp7 miui crap build. I guess its for noobs, for ppl who don't know how to do much tinkering on their phones. Plus i dont understand the extreme pompousness. Anyways, the miui.us versions were never stable. I was using the trip12.22 miui till now. They're pretty bitter about not having u build for em.
  7. 004 is the first v4 miui build I've tried that is in my opinion so far entirely stable. (Firmware 3.24) Thanks trip and yea xda sucks I don't want 450mb sense roms anyways. I can't believe ppl ever leave miui.
  8. Haha yea i def had to wipe and reflash to get around that. weird.
  9. I like the little programmer jokes in the SMS section, pretty random
  10. Rom is great. Any tips on how I can fix scroll sensitivity? Definitely need a bigger swipe between screens on this build compared to ur last miui
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