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  1. Does the official unlock actually work? I was reading it sometimes doesn't unlock. Now, I haven't read these problems in the thread. I haven't got a log yet but I'll try and get one. My phone reboots quite often(without data on), more than it ever did with CM itself. I haven't managed to find something specific that causes it to happen, it is random but its happening more in v3 than in v2. The next is after an amount of time my signal will drop to nothing and requires a reboot to get signal back, I read that there were supposedly signal dropout issues in CM R4 , but it was specific to certain people(maybe its something there service provider does that causes it) If I get time this evening I'll wipe the phone again, and reinstall. Then try get some logs.
  2. The ROM is working brilliantly. You got yourself a Raspberry Pi? Bit of topic, but ah well.
  3. I've been away from this forum too long by the looks of it! Time to update from cm10.1 r3 to this. Great job Kyan, do you want to work in I.T/coding in the future?!
  4. I don't think Daz would release something that's exactly the same as the original. I guess the file has to be the same md5 as the phone would pick up on a different md5 for a boot loader? I might be wrong.
  5. Feedback is great but 30 people stating the same feedback with no evidence of the error is a bit useless, surely a log of an issue would make daz's life much easier as he doesn't have to install certain apps to try replicate issues etc.
  6. My leds work fine, although it was set as purple as stock. Edited them all under system and pulse notification light. Although, as others have stated. Green doesn't work but every other colour does.
  7. There is plenty of ram. ICS and JB run fine on the blade with the same amount of ram but with a lower spec processor. Daz is doing a great job with cm9+10 so the g300 doesn't require cm7 as that's a step backwards in most peoples eyes.
  8. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=580585 That says short pins 5-4 as pin 4 isn't used.
  9. The trick is to short the two data wires in the cable. However obviously it stops you being able to use it for data. however, I'm sure this would be done already within the original charger. As that would make sense. Use to work on the old blades though
  10. Daz stated it might be better in 952 not 926 firmware? So doesn't everyone need 936? Since that's its predecessor which was the one that upgraded to HSDPA 9 and 2020 baseband. After I reflashed R5 because the ota hadn't appeared to do anything other than change the version in about phone, I've had no 3g reboots and a fairly average 3g drain. I've kept my data on to test this. So its pretty much been on constant, even on some nights(I would normally turn it off) Edit - just physically tested 3g drain, charged phone from 18% to 38% and it did drop very quickly, however this is probably due to the short charge and the percentage been out of sync. I should have let it settle first. My 3g drain cannot be that bad anyway I keep data on all day at work, using the phone to check emails etc and send texts on my lunch (45 minutes) and after an 8 hour day I still have 85% battery.
  11. I get a fairly quick 3g usage battery drop. Not sure its as bad as others have mentioned. I did however have my data turned on all day yesterday and while its idle the battery is brilliant. By firmware I assume you mean update path, I updated through voda UK to B936 then B952 then to global b952. All through the official updates. So I'm on a HSDPA:9 firmware. I believe. Edit: just realised my battery stats aren't working. I'm sure I saw a fix for that in the past few days of posts.
  12. There's noise suppression selection in the settings of the dialer. Turn it on?
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