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  1. The_Real_Crash0verride

    Viewsonic Viewpad7 ROMS???

    NOT ALL TOGETHER !!!!!!! ;)
  2. The_Real_Crash0verride

    Anybody can do the android 5 ROM?

    ..... porn? where else is the internet for .... :rolleyes: i dont think a Blade3 can handle Android5, on the other hand i heard Lollypop was stripped so it wouldnt take much resources then JB & KK.
  3. The_Real_Crash0verride

    which rom is the fastest and the most stable

    iv ive 2 blades (actually 2 Medions Smartphones P4012) 1 with broken glass & 1 looking as new, both flashed with Konstat CM roms (10.1 and 11) Both running fine with OC (1159Mhz) but my fav is CM10.1 though
  4. The_Real_Crash0verride

    [DEV][ROM][17.9.] CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2)

    , dont know how to quote in several blocks like you did so i think my replies are in the quoted section hahaha, I hate forums, to much reading, to much hassle, but very educational !! ;)
  5. The_Real_Crash0verride

    Help, Brick!!!!!

    Wouldnt hurt to update that Win XP either, lol
  6. The_Real_Crash0verride

    Anybody can do the android 5 ROM?

    That charming MJonModaco, always so cynical and helpfull, just like we know him. Very encouraging for noobs to ask questions around here. ..... Just saying
  7. Tkx Topo, i did, flashed his work already, appriciated to mention but i wanted to try a different point of view from another dev. I thought Blade was in general (so also Blade3) but tkx for clearing that out. (y)
  8. Hello, nice to see that the ZTE Blade is still supported with custom roms, for all those devs who spent their time with it, big thumbs up !!! (y) (y) (y) But my question is, is it also for the Blade III ?
  9. The_Real_Crash0verride

    To KonstaT Vibe Rom

    any offer made yet? lol
  10. The_Real_Crash0verride

    [DEV][ROM][17.9.] CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2)

    i forgot how to enable the devellopers option, i didnt saw it in the menu so i thought it wasnt there anymore in the 4+ builds. I did found the trick to open it now, and yes im suprised what is possible, so thanks for reminding me of the possibility, still not all i wanted and wished for. For example, hardkey options, there is no open choice to link any app to the keys, its only some pre fixed actions. Also i hoped for more screen locks with multiple apps to access my most used apps from the beginning, inclu the already attached apps like dailer, agenda, browser and more. Any way to let the hardkeys light up from notifications? About my name, there is a saying, "whats in a name", i rather used another nick, but i cant change it anymore. Still im happy some are still supporting for such an old device, .... its fun to start with
  11. The_Real_Crash0verride

    which rom is the fastest and the most stable

    Any update sofar in this Topic?
  12. The_Real_Crash0verride

    Viewsonic Viewpad7 ROMS???

    Hello, ive still an old 7" tablet, but i dont know if there are roms for it or not, i mean custom roms ofcourse.... I mostly flash it with the stockroms, and then i adapt those with root privelage. Any links out there for some alternative rom on that device?
  13. The_Real_Crash0verride

    [DEV][ROM][17.9.] CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2)

    Hi KonstaT, have flashed my ZTE Blade (medion P4012) with ur mod, that went smooth, even without the gapps, market worked. Good work and tkx, but i missing some features like: - Overclocking possibilities - more themes - more screen locks - forced ending apps when long press return key (had a samsung Apollo I5800 flashed with a port of CM7 Alpha9 from Krilios from XDA and that port was pumped with extras) - and more i cant remember right now :) Would it be possible to make some add ons through patches? Ive a second phone from Medion, the same actually where i flashed CM11, also that went well but same here, im missing some important features. Do you know other good roms i could try later on? Still you did a good job providing us with an alternative rom for our devices :)(y) (y) (y) Keep up the good work !!!
  14. The_Real_Crash0verride

    [Recovery] ClockWorkMod for ZTE Blade III

    KonstaT, i cant thank you enough for ur port (y) (y) i have 2 Medion P4012 or ZTE whatever they are called and i rooted them already. (Farmaroot) I have searched for custom roms a lot, mostly on XDA but no one have done those i think till i looked here and found ur post. Ofcourse i needed a custom recovery aswell, and this one was zo easy to install with the terminal emulator. I was actually gonna try it with the Android SDK kit for windows but that was to much work. Anyway, all went smooth and nice, well done man. Still i have some suggestions for the custom roms u made but that i gonna post in the specific thread :)

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