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  1. Trip, any idea why voice search can work on one build and be broken on another? Is this something you can fix for us?
  2. Trip, You haven't responded to anybody's question about the voice search not working... If it worked in B001 and no longer works in B002 or B003, is this something that can easily be fixed? We appreciate you making this ROM more stable than ever, but voice search is very important to me and others for messaging, Navigation, etc.... Thanks :)
  3. I flashed the GPS kernal fix but still don't have working GPS. It shows 11 satellites under the GPS app but doesn't lock on or show an accuracy. When I go to maps it shows that I am over 2 blocks away.... am I doing something wrong or is this also not working for other people? Fyi, when I installed the ROM, I did a full wipe of both caches and fixed permissions...
  4. What is the difference between the smartassv2 and on demand governor? I know back in CM7 using Faux/Bricked kernel, smart ass v2 was very good for my battery life. Anyone know?
  5. Gonna beat CyanogenMod team to release CyanogenMod for the Sensation?! Looking forward to it ;)
  6. The email reboots the phone if you enter it from the notification bar. Happened last time and it hasn't changed.
  7. Trip, So what is the difference between the smartassv2 and tripnraver governor? I know on the CM7 ROMs the smartassv2 governor was very good for battery life.Since you put both in your ROM, which should we choose for battery life? I already down-clocked the CPU to 1.18Ghz.
  8. I hear some people mentioning using System Tuner Pro to tweak some settings. When I try to set the clock speed to 1.2 Ghz from 1.5, it always force closes whenever I click the "boot settings" button. Is this just an compatability issue or does this program actually work flawlessly with people on 002B?
  9. Definitely replace stock launcher with Nova launcher. Super smooth. I still get reboots a couple times a day. The biggest problem other than no GPS is the fact that a few of my most used apps forces close. Maybe they just gotta get with the times and make it compatible with ICS.
  10. I love all your work Trip, but I had to move back to your stock AOSP ROM. Its just sooo smooth and fast compared to anything else.
  11. Just tried after uninstalling the ICS gmail from Titanium and it says "application not installed" to the one you posted....
  12. How do we install a non-ICS gmail app? If I find it in the market, it says it is not compatible with my device.... Also, when I type about:debug into the address bar, nothing happens Just saw you beat me to my answer with the link :)
  13. ROM is super smooth but I too am having glitch screens on Gmail and in browser. Can't find any setting to enable opengl..... Also Trip, are we supposed to enable the 2d hardware rendering?
  14. I am getting a weird tearing of the text at the top notification bar when new notifications change. Also, I am getting a "low storage" error also. Someone mentioned this may be because of the HWA which was apparently fixed. Either way, that you for releasing this beta :)
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