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  1. Blimey, I bet your heart was in your mouth when it shattered completely. Thanks for sharing that, I didn't realise that you could get replacement fronts now! I've been struggling along with different blips and marks under the cover that have been driving me nuts! Do you find it's working just like before now? I've just been on ebay, is this similar to what you got? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-original-TOUCH-SCREEN-Digitizer-Orange-San-Francisco-II-/251043380165?pt=UK_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item3a7359fbc5#ht_2086wt_1037
  2. Well, it only cost £100 so I declined any insurance! Thanks, I've checked the video and I think it might be a bit past my abilities, so will mull it over. :)
  3. purplegrape

    Unlocking San Fran 2

    Hi all Have managed to follow all the steps in the process, and have an unlocked phone which I have set to three with updating the settings - joy! But, no WIFI. I have the QCN file from running the backup part of the process, and followed the restore steps, but it's not restored the Mac address. No, I didn't write it down. :( Would anyone have a backup to share or thoughts on ways around this? I've tried the qcn file very kindly provided - DEADD00D_23.qcn, but no joy. Cheers, Stephanie UPDATE: rebooted again today, and now have a mac address - hurrah. It all works fine then. Thanks for all the guides posted here.

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