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  1. awww.. what a great rom.. but as a heavy music listener i got 2 issues: music doesnt play thru speakers for me (only if i plug headphones in or use bluetooth ones).. and with bluetooth h/p i can hear but i have to speak to phone speaker.. skype only thru phone speakers/mic... kinda breakdealer for me... can anyone try this to verify if its not just me pls? would really like to use this rom..
  2. problem with root.. flashed .zip, after reboot downloaded super su, installed.. and after runnin it it shows downloading binaries and then installation failed message.. tried about 5 times.. obviously none of apps which needs root working.. solution? (R2).. EDIT: never mind, set mount to RW and used superuser instead super su.. now all ok.. cheers for great rom..
  3. thx Northstandhero..seems modaco search within topic aint that reliable coz b4 posting i have tried to find any solution. as i dont wanna mess with built.prop im gna hope for dazz to ignore that bashin here and continue on developin for those who actually appreciate it and wait for the fix.. cheers
  4. hmm.. got a little problem.. my bluetooth headphones pairs with phone, both options for phone audio and media audio checked.. still only sound goin tru headphones is actual phone call.. any other sounds (screen click or other 'system sounds' and most importantly for me music is playin just tru speaker.. funny that when goin to equalizer (dsp mngr) it shows settings for bluetooth and its marked as active (that blue understrke)..tried 3 different headphones & played with apollo and google music.. any ideas? of course with previous roms it worked properly (even skype etc.)
  5. hopefully people start to use logcats to help developers a bit.. thx for posting this
  6. and i think that dazz (and tillaz b4 with infusion) made a good job with setting up their defaults..
  7. if u do that u will have straight after startup msg on the screen : blabla UI not responding and cudnt do anything.. went thru this :)
  8. ota updater: error fetching update info: invalid rom (infusg300) & device(hwu8815) combo! any ideas??
  9. some cheaper android tablets dont recognize usb connected tethering device.. just sayin
  10. in original thread on xda its said that problem with boot loop is caused by having not enough space in system.. min 35 mb required...
  11. i ve setup the settings for notification on pc (google calendar, settings and i added birthdays from contacts, facebook etc.).. for better interface i use acalendar and everything works including notifications... u can setup even email/sms notifications - didnt try it tho..
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