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  1. Hi there i found a rom that has that boot animation the rom is called update_beta11.zip trying to remember where i d/l it from but the logo is in a file called oemlogo.mbn ill attach to this msg dont no if that will help as i no norm the boot animation is norm in a zip called bootanimation in the system/media folder :) hope it helps im a newbbbbb still i got the rom from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=915354 oemlogo.zip
  2. Hi All 1st time poster i jusy have to jump in and say i only paid £20 + £10 topup for mine from the t-mobile shop And yes its not the best phone in the world but i like it i do agree you need to change the stock rom. as my 1st android phone its good cuz if i brick it no need to worrie iv beed busy flashing diff rom's for days now to test witch i like and witch is most stable but i have to agree with The_IMF Little side note i want to upgrade witch android phone this prob the best for running say ubuntu (i no ubuntu need loop ability as it runs on top of the android) or the win7 rom ?
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