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  1. I don't know if I did right but here is the swedish keychars file I'm sorry it took so long time I was buisy and forget about it.. if it's not right don't care about it any longer :) swedish keychars.txt
  2. Sounds nice thank you man if I could I would help with the whole project, but I'm not very familiar to Java or Linux but I want to learn :)
  3. When I reinstalled Cm beta 2 I got a very confusing bug. The android market isn't updateing to google play I can't even install google play manually. Also there is no filemanager. Someone who knows how to fix this problem ?
  4. Hi is there any way to change the layout of the hardware keyboard ? The keyboard is very difficult because there's no questionmark and when I want to use swedish nouns I have to press in the a key for å and ä and the o key for ö, so is there any way to change it ? :) Here a picture so you can se how it is mapped in Sweden
  5. Yes now it works I think it doesn't work when it's syncing it was syncing about a whole day so I just charged it and now it works perfect !
  6. Because the cm beta is much slower and laggier for me, the headset wont get fixed with the "headsetfix" much more beta 3 is better
  7. Hi sorry to bother you again I hope you can help me :) I installed froyo beta 3 with the newest kernel on SD card but my problem is the musicplayer can't find my music. :( The filemanager finds my files. I tried to install winamp and other music/media players it doesn't work. :( My second problem is I have a 8gb sd card but I can't use the rest of the space ca. 3,6 gb ! Someone who can help me ?
  8. Sorry to bother you I'm a damn noob but can someone say me how to install cynaogen mod 1 or beta3 on mystorage I just found one tutorial about how to do but it didn't work really I googled it so many times but I didn't found something . It would be very nice of you if you can help me thanks:)
  9. yes the files were very old :D but I'll install beta 3 on sd card instead sorry to bother you :)
  10. That didn't work for me :( something like r5:00000000 r4:00000 comes up and then it just stucks what should I do ? My partitions are primary !!
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