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  1. Would it be possible to change only the libs on the phone itself (i.e. without installing the fixed rom)? I'd prefer not to re-install all my apps...
  2. I recently read about the ZTE Atlas (W) being released in at least Germany, Poland and Holland. It looks exactly like a Vivacity a specs seem to be identical as well (different websites report different specs, though). Looks like the Crescent family is growing! :)
  3. I can play the recorded videos with MX Player (if a bit choppy). I'm still on R6 though. I was wondering if the missing hw acceleration affects the recording speed?
  4. The new release came just in time before I go on holiday :) Thanks for the update Daz - so far no problems (haven't played much with it though).
  5. If your phone is rooted, then you can use sebastian404's RecoveryManager from his website: http://blog.podtwo.com/android/recovery/ClockworkMod%20Recovery%20for%20ZTE%20Blade2.html It definitely works on Gingerbread - don't know if your already on ICS. You need to download the RecoveryManager from his website, it's not on the Market/Play Store as far as I am aware: http://android.podtwo.com/recoverymanager/
  6. This is most likely due to the fact that ICS / CM9 it is a much later version of the operating system. Think of it as Windows7 vs. Windows XP. The games may simply not be compatible with this OS version.
  7. Hi Daz, Thanks for your great work! I installed CM9 yesterday on my TMV and everything works as described :) So far I only noticed that not all of my contacts were synchronized. Is this a known issue with CM9?
  8. I haven't installed CM9 yet, but this is what I found out under GingerBread: Looks to me like the soft keys are just registered as regular touch screen events in /dev/input/event0 horizontal position under 0003 0035 vertical position under 0003 0036 origin is top left home button horizontal position is between about 0003 0035 00000080 and 0003 0035 000000e0 (probably actually 120 - 240px) vertical position of soft buttons starts at 800px and extend to about 840px (0003 0036 00000321 - 0003 0036 00000348) HTH!
  9. Hi Guys, I have successfully flashed my TMV, but I did mess up the qcn backup part.. I only saved it AFTER the unlock was done. Later, I changed the WIFI MAC address and restored the fixed qcn file I had saved earlier. Now I have the impression that the phone signal strength is worse than before. Is that possible? Does anyone know what other important data is stored in the qcn file? Thanks!
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