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  1. unmesh, stop being a fool grow up. No developer is responsible for anything, they are kind enough to spare their time and build mods for us and the noobs like you even after hearing us rant, complain and call names. Terry visiting xda and you will get the type of treatment you deserve for bitching around as you are going right now. What do things all these rooms have individual threads? Let me help you figure the obvious- it is to help people with the mods rooms and etc. So stop bitching & ask genuine questions and help. Nobody will come to your doorstep to mid your phone for you for free. Cheers!
  2. Hi, what exactly do you mean by writing "leaked" in your topics
  3. Hi, what "working" USB tethering app actually works on this rom? As none of them apps work for me.. Thanks
  4. Tpt it and flash a ROM, it's a software problem and happened with me too
  5. Hi Lalit, I an almost layman in development but i want the feature of cfx found in Settings> system>"menu button active in all apps", had been using cfx since it wad released, now i switched to Echo-blade hoping for better battery life etc, so i was asking if is there any way i could include that into any cm9 ROM? And the how to? Thanks and regards
  6. Thanks for your useless contribution, appreciate it>_>;)
  7. Everything works for me including video recordings, video playback (use mx player) and panorama (use HD panorama) and Wi-fi tether (use any tethering app), using tilal's cfx:D:)
  8. Should we open petition to ask Qualcomm to release the required drivers etc?
  9. Yes, i believe that JB will be CM10 or CMA.:) and not cm9.1. Also thank you everybody for understanding my craziness:blink::ph34r::P:wacko:
  10. I expected people to go crazy about getting, using, porting and screwing codes for the latest iteration if Android, but it is all quiet. so, i hereby appeal all of you go crazy about the latest version of Android and bug everyone who you suspect can do anything about it. And yeah, I'm very serious about everything i said here. like this :mad::ph34r::angry: Thank you:):)
  11. Hey, thanks for your concern and the tips. I'm using the 29/05 build, substitutions removed, fresh and proper install, coming from Swedish snow after wiping everything/formatting system and everything. Have stock gen 2 partition(220 sys/37 cache). Thank you :mellow:
  12. Hi all, I'm facing this problem, whenever i use a browser(stock our downloaded) they all just force close on me every single effing time.. Any solution/workaround? Thanks>_>
  13. Hi all:lol: I'm using cfx now got a long time, but this 29,05,2012 version is nothing like the experience i had before it lags, sometimes freezes, no matter what browser I'm using they all just force close on me, someone the phone take few minutes to respond and even the keyboard typing lags and freezes sometime. I've followed all procedure with care but still I'm having these issues. Anybody know what exactly should i do. And yeah, i even tried wipe data/factory reset. Thank you
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