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  1. Hello WCR4_6

    Can you let me know how you managed to get the ZTE stock ROM onto the Orange MC ?




    Re: "put the image onto the SD and invoke a hardware update from the phone settings" route.

    Did you manage to update from an Orange MC to ZTE Stock ROM ?

    How did you get it done. Do you have the steps and/or links.<...

  2. Superb! Found the clock widget btw - if anyone else wants it - it's in the Market as "Simi Clock Widget"
  3. Managed to get it done via the "put the image onto the SD and invoke a hardware update from the phone settings" route. Quick question (as I'm fairly new here) - what version of Android can be run on this handset - can we get any of the newer builds (ICS mainly) onto the handset? And how can i get the Weather and Time to display as they do in this screen? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-6n62jleOom8/Tr5cIGoSIGI/AAAAAAAAAXk/WezpuCAGIOM/s1600/IMG-20111109-WA0000.jpg
  4. Bought one of these today - running 2.3.5 - from Orange What I want to do is not root it (as I've tried to follow the guides on here for Windows 7 64-bit - with no success due to the amount of incomprehensible jargon used). I do want to Flash a stock version of the ROM (either 2.3.5 or a better version if one is available) to get rid of all of the Orange Branding Crap and Bloatware on it. Tried to follow a couple of the guides on here again - with no luck due to the jargon used. So - can someone please take me through the procedure to flash a Stock ROM onto an unrooted handset in just about plain English. Thanks
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