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  1. Stop all porting immediately! I do not want to be surprised again seeing amazing updates to the Blade. No more releases to try out will save time. Stop posting here too.
  2. Disable RIL is for instance described here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/365005-devrom-cyanogenmod-102-android-431-for-zte-v9/?p=2162754 echo persist.ril.enable=false >> /system/build.prop
  3. CM 10.x supposedly had a standardized interface to FM, that Effem (daemond's app) used. This interface is not updated to CM11, no maintainer, not much interest. SpiritFM used the CM interface where available I guess, but it mostly implemented the HW level support. I have not heard that Spirit ever worked on the Blade. If you want FM, use CM10. KitKat on the Blade is a great achievement.
  4. build.prop property persist.ril.enable=false should fix this I dont think it works the same as if a SIM is in though, but there may be something else required too. My Blade has sadly lost one SIM connector, the victim of swapping SIMs with adapters, but still good as a wifi remote control. Edit: I forgot to say that I am still amazed that this continues, so fun. I have a new Mediatek based smartphone where the manufacturer fail to fix severe security holes in 6 months, here comes 4.4.3 update within days...
  5. I get this without SIM also with build.prop persist.ril.enable=false With SIM, the Blade is a completely different device...
  6. 180 Mb /system partition requirement is on the top of the first post
  7. Updates that fail with "Insufficient Storage" may occur if the prevous version (or remains) cannot be replaced. The problem occurs for many phones since 4.1 or so. I have not found the definitive workaround, but anyone of the following can solve the problem: 1. Reboot 2. Uninstall and reinstall 3. Reboot to recovery, wipe cache and fix permissions 4. Uninstall, search /data for leftover files and delete them (with root privileges)
  8. Thanks, that worked. Never thought of factory reset after a wipe... And asusual, a couple of resets is required to see the real (relative) speed of the device. The Blade is not fast. I lan to stick with this, to get an exercise and dev phone with a SIM.
  9. SIM not recognized for me Gen1 Wiped before installing Settings-About-Status says Radio Off, 0 dBm CM10.0 works fine Tried two SIM, rebooted etc, so it does not seem to be a contact issue (and CM10 seem fine). I have mostly used this build without a SIM. The first time I tried CM11, it was slow before I turned off radio (build.prop persist.ril.enable=false). I have not done this in the latest builds (at least 8.2, 30.1, maybe the one before). I tried reinstalling 5.1, recognized the SIM, Anyone with hints how to investigate? Other than that, I do not see issues with the ROM (light usage though)
  10. I am sure zeelog has tried it. I did an attempt too in one of the first releases, there were logcats indicating that the CM framework were not ready yet.
  11. Any free memory is wasted memory.. Anyway, 278MB used and 137MB free. It also depends on what runs in the background... On my phone (RIL disabled), I have 230 MB after boot (and some Settings, Play updates sync etc). 66 Mb used by apps, so160 Mb used by the "system".
  12. Updated links, including old TPT (if you are on pre-ICS) http://www.modaco.com/topic/368013-devrom-111-cyanogenmod-110-android-442/?p=2188253
  13. I just tested with Effem, the app that Daemond (?) contributed to CM10, using CMs framework, contributed from STEricsson. As zeelog said: This is not implemented in CM11 (yet?). (I just had to test myself.) I tried a few music apps. The sound was like the speaker was in tin can. Speech was OK. DSP Manager inactivated. Any hints?
  14. First: Thanks for the port. Very reasonable defaults. Thanks! The only I can whine about is including Email by default and Navigation bar enabled by default. (Also sorry for not being clearer in a previous post, I was very aware that 170 MiB /system would not work, this was before I messed with TPT.) I suggest users without SIM set "persist.ril.enable=false" in build.prop. (Maybe add to first post?) That seem to slow down this ROM a lot more than other ROMs I have tried. Especially after startup, it takes minutes before you can do anything. logcat is busy. Also after startup, it was hard to edit build.prop as Launcher3 or CM FileManager stopped responding, even reboots. I tried edit in adb (both Android and recovery), but the ROM did not start after that. CM11 runs fine for me, but no major use. About the same as 10.0 to me (not much use with 10.1/10.2), maybe just slower than SwedishSnow. gen1, 512MB /system 180 MiB (3MB left) 1 GB /sd-ext
  15. CWM, from KonstaT http://www.modaco.com/topic/359832-devrom247-cyanogenmod-101-android-422/page-21#entry2075296 CWM Touch http://www.modaco.com/topic/356674-recoverygen123-and-idea-blade-fully-working-cwm-6011-touch-stable-6015-testing-1710/ See last page for a working link TPT For partitioning, also includes CWM 5.0 http://www.amphoras.co.uk/downloads/blade-tpts A 180 MiB /system that shold work with the Blade The latest 2.0.x version may not work in pre ICS. (for instance if yo mess with setup so you have to install GingerBread). A link to a previous version: http://www.modaco.com/topic/345654-app-tpt-helper/?p=1862270
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