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  1. Hi, Since a week I have a very annoying problem on my Huawei Ascend g525. As soon as I start to use it (fi type in a message), the back of the phone gets hot and it works slow. I used cpu monitor and it seems kswapd0 is using cpu all the time. This results in nog much power left for other things and the battery drains really fast (+- 8h per charge). Is there anything i could do to it? I haven't upgraded anything. It uses stock rom and is not rooted as well. There are'nt many apps installed so memory is not plain full. Could anyone help me please? thanks
  2. Hi, I have to hand in my zte blade since 3G is not functioning anymore. Now, I've found a backup of the original rom on the internet (Belgium-mobistar) made in clockworkmod. When I install this rom through clockwork and it worked, though clockwork is still there instead of the stock recovery. I found the original recovery.img in the backup of the rom and tried to install it by temporarily rooting my device and recoverymanager (information found on: http://www.modaco.com/topic/325321-how-do-i-remove-clockwork-recovery-mod/#entry1754852) but then my device won't boot into recovery anymore, it did booted into android though. I was able to re-install clockwork so no damage occured. Now I'm wondering whether i shoud also flash boot.img to the android device since this was mentioned in the post I linked to, though i do not have the skill nor knowledge for it to work out. So, could someone help me to install stock recovery again please? Here are the contents of the rom-backup: system.img recovery.img nandroid.md5 data.img cache.img boot.img .android_secure.img thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice, I bought it in september last year so it's still under waranty. I'll flash it to original rom (I have this downloaded from a local forum so it would be 100% genuine)
  4. No, i bought it in the local store. The first 6 months or so it worked properly. Only since the last few months I'm having this problem. Whatever rom I install, it comes back.
  5. Hi, The last weeks I'm having trouble with 3G on my blade. When I turn it on, it doesn't get connection (no 3G or Edge logo appears) and when trying to access the internet it states that it doesn't have network connection. In order to get it working, I have to reboot my phone. Then, 3G works for a brief moment but after some time it falls out again and I can't get it working except for rebooting my phone again. This occurs with whichever rom (but when a new rom is installed, it does work well for a few days). Could this be a hardware malfunctioning and should i hand it back in the store?
  6. Hi, I noticed that my phone often doesn't go to sleep mode with the latest rom (28/06), resulting in battery drain. How could I resolve this please?
  7. Use astro file manager, easy to use yet has a lot of functions. ps: zit je ook op ninelives :-p
  8. I'm having some problems with the light sensor. I have the impression that it only reacts to heavy changes, such like holding it under a lamp. It is not as reactive as it used to be. I see that there are a lot of settings to change, but i do not understand anything of this. Is there someone who can help me to make it more responsive (eg sharing your settings). It is a european zte san fransisco gen 1 (belgian model). thx
  9. Hi, i had 365. I thought I managed myself to install it by making market an user app with titianium and uninstall it (together with market updater) and then install play apk but i didn't manage to make it work. It crashed every time I booted it. I tried re-installing market updater, but it didn't work. Since I was not satisfied with the rom in general (a lot of apps crashed randomly), i installed cold fusion ICS 4.004 and it runs way better. Thanks for helping me out
  10. ok, this may be a n00b question but i ask it anyway: how can I check my /system partition is big enough and if not the case, how to resize it? Thanks for the answer
  11. Hi, I have this rom but am unable to update market to play store. When starting market for the first time, it gives me an agreement agree screen for play store, but it does not update automatically. When trying to install the apk on my own, it mentions that it did not install succesfully. Any ideas?
  12. That's exactly the problem, i cannot access play store as i cannot install it. Recently, the market has stopped working, it crashes whenever I start it so impossible to install something through this way
  13. Hi, I recently installed 365 mix mod but the market is not working very well, it crashes a lot. I suspect this is due to the fact that market recently upgraded to play store. On other android devices I have, this updated automatically but not this time on 365 mod. I already tried to download the latest play store apk, but this did not succeeded to upgrade (it tells me that it cannot install the apk). Maybe this is due to missing sudo privileges (I don't know really well how to do advanced stuff). Could anyone help me out please? thanks!
  14. Lately I have a problem with my 360 mix rom. I once selected "never" as the option for wifi to turn of in the "sleep policy" in the advanced settings menu of wifi. Now, it jumps over time automatically to "never" after a while after I've selected "when screen turns off". Needless to say that this consumes a lot of battery power. Is there a way to select this to "when screen turns off" again without reseting the phone? thanx
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