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  1. Hey, this Rom is great work, thanks to all developers. but - I have not found jet a funktion to rise CPU Speed - is this possible, i allways run on 940mhz Thanks!!
  2. This Rom is very nice but if i try to slide down the status bar it works one time of 35 trys. is this a known bug?
  3. right :-D and I asked myself what am I doing in the Blade Forum :-D it all looks so familliar :-D but I have a Skate :-D thanks
  4. Hey I get an issue while Installing 15/05 Version. Installing: /sdcard/update.... Finding Opening assert failed: getprob(...) == "blade".... Status 7 its the version on goo.im on first page any idea?
  5. just install the rom of 22.04.12 and you have a full working cam preview :-D than wait till tital has done what he is chosen for :-D
  6. @BUG Hey, I try to set the number of homescreens, after 2 times the settings closed, the phone reboots
  7. I think this will never become a bug thread, maybe so solf it another way how would it be to wirte @BUG: "message", than you can search for bugs by using the search function...
  8. There is someonly copying your fantastic Rom... http://www.android-hilfe.de/zte-skate-medion-life-p4310-base-lutea-2-forum/211310-rom-ics-splashics-v1-2-stabil-google-apps-integriert-sony-bravia-engine.html I dont like this...
  9. using the Ninesky Browser is an absolutly replacement for the chrome browser. it works very smooth in this rom. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ninesky.browser&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5uaW5lc2t5LmJyb3dzZXIiXQ..
  10. hey for video like youtube i just visit m.youtube.com works very well. this rom is awesome. i just need gps and navigation for daily live. and sipdroid is working too on this rom (with vpn) nice work again! but i had 2 reboots. first after a while in sipdroid second in the gallery (before I´ve been conntected via usb mass storage)
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