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  1. I had an experience here at home and have a doubt. Cell phone chargers have protection against short circuits in domestic electrical network? For example, the short circuit occurred elsewhere in the same environment, and the smartphone was connected to the electrical network. sorry to post but not found a topic dedicated to energy.
  2. I made contact with the zte Brazil, and has no forecast of upgradeability android blade :(
  3. is this true? I have total memory of 162.5!
  4. I was reading the manuals zte blade, all countries that it is sold, the site Russian and Japanese appliances have 512mb of ram, but there is a comment saying that the unit has only 130 and 115MB available to the User. all Europeans and Japanese are 512mb of ram, only the Chinese model has 256mb of ram. strange, I see that if we want really good equipment, with less limitations have to import.
  5. Is there any official update information on the blade beyond Froyo?
  6. only hope, but do not want to disassemble to check real memory, I'll wait a little longer to see if someone finds this information.
  7. What would be the actual amount of RAM the ZTE Blade Brazil? It is manufactured in China and sold in Brazil with 256mb. He has blocked the memory?
  8. What would be the actual amount of RAM the ZTE Blade Brazil? It is manufactured in China and sold in Brazil with 256mb. He has blocked the memory?
  9. Fiz uma atualização para android 2.2 usando um atualizador offline,depois disso nenhum modo recovery funciona,tanto para gen1 quanto gen2 não funcionam! Alguém sabe me dizer como resolver isso? Obrigado. I did an upgrade to android 2.2 using an offline updater, after that no way recovery works, for gen1 and gen2 not work! Someone tell me how to solve this? Thank you.
  10. Se eu quisesse uma ROM personalizada ou clocworkmod eu tinha ficado com os que eu estava antes. Se fosse só procurar na net uma rom ou recovery qualquer eu já tinha achado e feito. Eu quero fazer a atualização oficial da ZTE, restaurar o FTM ORIGINAL e atualizar do android 2.1 para o 2.2 pelo Terminal que o fabricante disponibiliza para o X850 do BRASIL. O que tem acontecido é que sempre aparece 'falha',e eu quero saber porque. Espero ter sido mais claro desta vez. Obrigado If I wanted a custom ROM or clocworkmod I had stayed with what I was before. If it was just searching the net recovery rom or any one I had found and done. I want to upgrade official ZTE, restore and update FTM ORIGINAL android 2.1 to 2.2 by the terminal manufacturer provides to the X850 BRAZIL. What has happened is that always appears 'failure', and I wonder why. I hope I was clearer this time. thank you
  11. hello I am not able to upgrade to the 2.2 rom for online update. I tried to restore the original FTM but not getting results, do not know if because of the file, or problem in programa.sempre shows 'failed' on the screen Terminal Upgrade (ZTE online update) can guide me please?
  12. I tried to upgrade the recovery mode on my X850, and installed version, but I noticed that the button does not work starting call, decided to return to previous version of the terminal by typing recovery ClockworkMod FlashBoot recovery.imgrecovery, but appears FlashBoot message: not found. How do I fix this?
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