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  1. Working fine in a TPT 150mb + 2mb caché.. deleting in Latinime.apk all languages excepting main and my native language.. Ive changed NOVA with HOLO free from the market.. VERY NICE WORK! It's awesome..
  2. latinIME.apk is a zip file... open it and delete in raw folder all main-XX of languages you don't use... leave main and main-EN for english or main-ES for spanish.. for example... then save and put again in ROM latinIME.apk will be only 2mb +/- size.... you can delete CMwallpaper.apk and change Trebuchet launcher adding another launcher as ZEAM launcher (smallest) then install another good launcher What about bug of calendar sync? Any solution or have to wait for next update? thanks
  3. XML are templates, I think.. main-ES is the Spanish dictionary, my language... main-EN is English, DE is Germany... 1.980 kb... Maybe 2 or 2.1mb... It depends of size hard disk or the kind of partitions you use in your computer (FAT32, NTFS, EXT4...)
  4. Or.. delete Trebuchet.apk and add another launcher as ZEAM Launcher (300kb) and edit LATINIME (keyboard) and delete languages you don't use.. deleting CMwalpapers and Livewallpapers... (.apk are zip files) I use a 200MB TPT and 2mb CACHE with no problems.. For example: My LatinIME.apk is only 1,9MB.. only main and main-ES dictionary in /res/raw ZEAM launcher is only for system.. then I install Holo Launcher from market..
  5. Thank you very much... I have formated system, installed last build and the last gapp striped from the first post... then i did a factory wipe (all in recovery menu) then started phone... The Market got updated itself.. it worked ok.. then I've integrated update to system with link2sd, and still working... I hope works for you
  6. Screenshot option lost in power-off menu? Playstore a bit slow connecting... Rest seems to work fine for me in a clean installation. Thanks for this awesome rom!
  7. I have some lag in PUSH notifications when ZTE is sleeping. Whatsapp, Gtalk.. networks seems to be off. WIFI and 2G/3G... Tested with 122, 200 and 245mhz.. minimal freq
  8. With NO-Touch same but when finishing back-up. Freeing space and turned off itself. Flashing TWRP again... thanks anyway
  9. PD: is used as added after text.. Post Data..may be AFTER DATA in English?. yes I speak Spanish
  10. Oh yea!! It works fine! Thanks a lot. PD: It must be in a section tips in the first post!!! ;)
  11. It's too small for me. How can we have the classical menu? PD: Very nice rom!!!
  12. TWRP v.2.1.8 (blue version) fails making a Backup. It stopped after system section and restarted itself. Doesn't make the backup of the other sections (cache, recovery,data...) Install works fine. Mount USB works fine.
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