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  1. Anyone having microphone problems? During calls people cant hear me ..
  2. Does anybody know how about the keyboard dictionaries? It only has english..
  3. Can someone please tell me what happen to the return key and how to make it work again? Its really boring with the return key not working x) FIXED! Already working, dont know why x)
  4. Hi C3C0, can you please upload in a diferent server the LatinIME keyboard versions? Goo.im is offline and its really anoying trying to write in a diferente language, the dictionary is all messed up. Thanks ;)
  5. Can anyone answer me, is this a Recovery Touch based recovery? Or only volume keys to navigate?
  6. Right now the most there is for our phone with Ubuntu is this Theme package I think x) http://arandompackage.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/ubuntu-g-tutorial.html
  7. Ok, but what are the main differences between those two? I am tempted to test this on but dont know why should test if it is the same android version x)
  8. C3C0 for daily use, what do you thing is the best rom to use, this one or the ParanoidJelly2? :D
  9. Awsome update C3C0!! :D How is the bluetooth situation? Thanks for the great work!
  10. I didnt understand that has only for gingerbread, I am an idiot x)
  11. I am using on my Skate, Paranoidjelly Cm10 And it doesn't work. When I start the phone, the android logo appears, then the screen goes black and stays black. I had to restore to the last backup :(
  12. I am having some random reboot's, anybody know a solution without flashing the ROM again?
  13. Plegdroid, how do you select the sports team? In my phone, the option, "edit teams" is blocked..
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