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  1. Awsome update C3C0! I tested the GPS today and I think that the patch included helped, it's faster to get satellites :D Anyone else have a problem with this update in calls? today I got a bug in a call, I couldn't press the finish call button because on the screen was the lock screen and behind was the call, still in progress. When I unlocked the phone, the call was minimized and I pressed again and it comeback to the lockscreen with the call behind again, but I rebooted the phone and didn´t happened again. Another question, in the messages can anyone use voice input? Everytime I try it apears "didn't understand. Try again"
  2. I dont know what was the problem, I had uninstalled and installed Dropbox before, but this time it solved the problem x) Thanks :D
  3. HI, Recently I installed S2E in my phone, and I very happy with it. But I am having a problem with dropbox, everytime I reboot my phone the dropbox account get's eleminated for the phone, and I think that it's because the files are now in the ext partion. Did someone have this problem and there is any way to fix it? Thanks :D
  4. Read the first post, in the WTF section, there is a way to solution the incompatibility problems.
  5. But that is exactly what update means, I think x) I did the update instructions on the first post.
  6. Anyone getting a error installing the new update? I am not doing a fresh installation just an update, but this is the error I am getting: Finding update package... Opening update package.. E:Cant open /sdcard/pa_skate-2.60-17JAN2013-124847.zip (bad) Installation Aborted.
  7. You are using this rom http://www.modaco.co...d-412-10012013/ ?? If so, I dont understand how do you get those numbers, I am using it too and the numbers even compare to it. Mine can't even get to 1000Mhz without rebooting xD Did you change anything else? What governors are you using?
  8. But how do you do that? What rom's are you using sezox and slgh2005? :D
  9. I agree, but how did he put his cpu speed so high without the phone reboot? Mine with that frequency automatically shuts down. Please tell us how you did it, uzb777 :D
  10. It seems stupid but it isn't, if you stay all day in front of a computer, it's logical to do this, it preserves the battery life time. It could break the phone if you are doing important stuff, like rom flashing and so on. That's my opinion of course :D But there is anyway to fix it?
  11. I think I found the wifi bug, but please someone confirm it too. Try this: -Turn on the charging cable -Turn on the Wifi -Remove the battery from your phone, without removing the charging cable (phone will stay on) The wifi will stop working, and if you reboot it doesnt fix it. The Wifi only works if you have your battery on the phone, I think. With the ICS rom the wifi work's fine without the battery.
  12. I used the Paranoid ICS for months and never had that problem too, I will reinstall the Rom and see what happens :D
  13. Someone is having problems with wifi or just me? Yesterday was working perfect and now will not turn on
  14. Sorry, missed that point. Already edited the coment. Once again, thanks alot C3C0 :D
  15. Hi, I want to give you my congratulations, for doing this amazing rom. I use it for months and have no reason to complain. Just wanted to ask you two questions, why does the camera flash and radio still does not work? The other question was if you could do an update of the Portuguese language from Portugal, there is a few bugs on the translation. Thanks and keep up the good work
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