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  1. @plegdroid : Already tried that one, getting the same results. The voice for google now part is directly integrated in the QuickSearchBox.apk (allong with Google Now itself). If you install Tilal6991's version it works for a second but then it updates itself back to C3C0's version. I managed to make this work in PA ICS but I forgot how to do this exactly. I think a modification needs to be done in the QuickSearchBox itself that calls the custom app instead of the non working official voice for google now, if only an app developer could do this.

    I agree with thomcd, I tried this morning, the [JB]-[GUIDE]-How-to-get-Google-Now-with-Voice-on-JellyBean-[uPDATED---20/07], and had the exactly same results..

  2. don't update it, that's what C3C0 would have to sort. its not designed to work on the skate, so it will flag as incompatible. just use it straight as C3C0 has provided :)

    Ok then :D

    In your screenshot, and C3C0's, you both aren't using wireless, and I only use wireless to connect to internet. I dont think is that the problem, but I have no other ideias.. Using data will be solution to the problem, instead using wifi?

  3. you can try re setting your now account.

    bring up settings from within Google now post-910238-13591206087496_thumb.jpg

    pick now cards post-910238-13591206484519_thumb.jpg

    turn off the cards post-910238-13591207178303_thumb.jpg

    go to phone settings: apps, select all,then Google search post-910238-13591208046548_thumb.jpg

    clear it's data /cache post-910238-13591208651593_thumb.jpg

    reopen Google now, re enable and, cards :)

    Already did but nothing.. When I start google now, in one card appears that there is an update to google now, but when I open the store it says that is incompatible with my device. It's that the problem or it append to you too? Google Now works with wifi or only with data plan?

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