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  1. I have already tried that.. On replacing libs from JB.. Device got stuck at boot logo..
  2. Is the camera fully functional on your device? Flashing this kernel breaks camera autofocus.. No success
  3. Really nice work.. But camera still need to be fixed.. Photos are too dark in artificial light.. Without camera any ROM is not complete :(
  4. That happens when call gets disconnected due to weak network.. I never faced any such type of problem..
  5. This rom has nothing to do with Canvas HD..
  6. Flash THIS rom first and then flash the addon there in the post !!
  7. Flash this rom. It does not have any trial app. And after flashing clear battery stat from cwm recovery !!
  8. Free ram is around 190 mb. Wait till tomorrow. I will release an update for this rom which will be based on Aroma Installer :) If you have upgraded to Jelly Bean and got cwm or twrp recovery installed, you can flash this rom without any problem. But i would suggest you to wait till tomorrow for the next release !!
  9. This ROM is based on official Lava / Prestigio Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 update_jb_revolution_chocolate.zip https://docs.google....DFNMkc2eDQ/edit MD5: 302faadddade0b7c693d92c00e9c0a65 Features: Complete stock Android 4.1 look in terms of app icons Included Android 4.2 Google Clock and Camera/Gallery apps Based on official Android 4.1.1 ROM (Stock kernel) User customize-able installation based on AROMA installer Integrated the latest version of Google apps Rooted (no need to root phone with third party applications) with SuperUser application (v3.1.3) and su binary (v3.1.1) Busybox installed Updated APN list Replaced libs Trimmed plenty of useless stuff Apks resigned, compressed, optimized and zipaligned Changed default wallpaper Added adfree hosts file - almost no ads (please support app developers by buying their apps instead) Replaced launcher Added support for the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Farsi, Finish, French, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Urdu Vanilla version: Same as above, except:No AROMA installer Stock Clock and Camera/Gallery apps Please don't ask for add-ons to add this or that combination of the above features, I'm not going to make any. update_jb_revolution_vanilla.zip https://docs.google....VZVclVpLXc/edit MD5: 0e04fc0d21374a7c42e97eb9048a5961 Known bugs: [*]Some users might have to wipe battery stats from the recovery if they face battery drain problem Add-ons: update_prestigio_PAP5000T_DUO.zip (Changes Lava Branding to Prestigio Branding) http://mediafire.com/?yyjgk6z89v87wfc MD5: 9389216eb01ba2cbc763b4bb1ffc0650 Benchmarks: Quadrant Benchmark : 3076 Antutu Benchmark : 6682 NenaMark 2 : 27.8 fps Linpack : Single : 41, Multi : 65 Credits & gratitude: Thanks to Akash for his work with kernel Thanks to Koush for his wonderfull CWM recovery Thanks to Amarullz for his amazing AROMA installer And finally to all the devs whose apps, tweaks and scripts I have used on my custom ROMs
  10. My blade is dead now. But everytime i visit these fourms i feel like buying the same phone over and over agin :-)
  11. fahad.sagittarius

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    Xperia Z
  12. fahad.sagittarius

    [ROOT][GUIDE] Root your LAVA IRIS 501 Jellybean 4.1.1

    Please verify your root using This Tool !! Double post **
  13. fahad.sagittarius

    [ROOT][GUIDE] Root your LAVA IRIS 501 Jellybean 4.1.1

    Please verify your root using This Tool !!
  14. fahad.sagittarius

    LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Ya its fine. One extracting i got 1.38 GB of data and total 15 files. And cwm recovery will be needed for flashing custom rom as the stock recovery doesnt have option for clearing dalvik cache. And i think u have already rooted your device now ;) I will start my experiments after 2 days :ph34r:

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