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  1. 00Mark

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    1. Is this some kind or error, or did you really plug a 16MB memory stick in? 2. Do you know when 4.2 might arrive? Thanks :)
  2. Terminal app on phone? You could get one in the play store.
  3. You stop noticing them after a while...
  4. 00Mark

    accounts.db encoding

    Hi, I'm trying to retrieve a Google account password stored on my phone. I don't want to change it, or go through the lengthy password recovery system (it's a very old account, I can't remember the security questions and the recovery email is long gone). I read an article about how Google passwords were stored in plain text, in the accounts.db database. Some people said this is still the case as of JB (I'm on ICS). To test this, I opened the database on my computer but the passwords are not in plain text. Instead, each is a 70-character long string, making it look like some sort of hash -- but I thought that storing passwords as hashes would not work because they cannot be decrypted, so perhaps it's an encoding. Does anyone know what sort of encoding is used for these? And is it possible to decrypt back to plain text? Thanks
  5. 00Mark

    How to Root Huawei G330

    I don't know about others, but my G300 is rather creaky if you gently squeeze the screen, or gently twist the opposite ends in opposite directions. How is the build quality of the G330 in comparison? Does it feel more solid?
  6. Doesn't matter for most apps. How are you finding out where they are installed? 1. You've got it, only thing I'd change about top_score's explanation is that the term 'Launcher' generally refers to the whole application - home screens, app draw and all... you can get pretty interesting ones such as Launcher 7 (which makes your phone look like WP7), Apex and Nova (which are ICS+ only), and older ones like GO Launcher, Launcher Pro, ADW. You may even be able to find a copy of the Huawei launcher that came stock with the phone somewhere, although I'm not sure why you'd want to - try Apex, Nova, GO, see which you prefer and buy the Pro version of your favorite if you want to. As a general rule, launchers are quick, easy and safe to install from the Play store. There's some instructions in the OP for 'flashing' launchers, which means installing them to the /system partition, which is where launchers run best from (kinda like installing an operating system on an SSD rather than your data drive). It's not a necessity but recommended once you've decided which you want to use. 2. Where were you doing this before? As far as I know, both applications push data to your device so it should effectively come instantly. You can turn sync on/off in the settings. 3. Not sure. Can you replicate the problem, find out when it does/doesn't work? Try sending yourself emails using gmail on your desktop, whilst turning on/off 3G and WiFi. With the apps open/closed. With them in the foreground/background.
  7. You can't, this is a limitation with the Launcher (Nova) and not the ROM. It's a feature that is only available in Nova Prime which you can buy from the market and then use (or flash in to use it from system). Other Prime features that you might miss having are hiding apps from app draw, unread counts and scroll effects. If you want these features back you can always use Go Launcher, which works on ICS as well as GB.
  8. Awesome, thanks. I'll give this a go then, after I flash B05.
  9. What counts as a 'stock' ROM? Would Infusion be OK?
  10. Trying to upgrade from B02 to B04, I've downloaded the .zip separately and put it on my SD card but CWM says it "Can't open" the .zip because it's "bad"? Do I need to rename it or something?
  11. Just checking, we don't need to wipe before upgrading B02 -> B03 do we? And should we take a nandroid?
  12. Not sure whether it's a bug with this ROM specifically or ICS in general on this phone: _______ Before (on AtomicMod GB), playing videos in MX Player worked fine. Didn't matter whether they were opened though MyFiles, Gallery, QuickPic etc. Now it has a habit of crashing, especially if you try and play a video you've already watched. Often freezes at the "Resume or Start Over" prompt. However, this only happens sometimes, and it's usually OK if you launch the video from QuickPic. Just the Gallery that causes problems.
  13. Awesome, not having that feature is kind of annoying. Shame is, though, that the stock dialler we have at the moment is amazingly slick looking. I've never used it before, so Infusion was the first time I'd seen it. Still though, functionality > appearance.
  14. 00Mark

    Nexus 4

    Sure, but this means I have to copy the backups to my computer once I've done them. Not too much effort I guess... I'm just used to the idea of leaving them on the card, and then being able to use them even if the phone is unresponsive.
  15. 00Mark

    Nexus 4

    Meh, I probably won't buy Huawei again, not after the ICS update s*** that they pulled on us with the G300. It's only thanks to developers like you that we have functional and current software on this phone. Not to mention the questionable build quality of Huawei... I'm still kinda worried about the dreaded "blob". The previous Nexus is only very slightly cheaper, and still no removable storage... what advantages does it have over the Nexus 4? Exactly, their argument is completely flawed. I don't know how they expect anyone to believe that. I'm still tempted to get a Nexus 4 though, cause I'm not worried about storage space (only used about 6GB of the 8GB SD on my G300, so I wouldn't use 16GB), but £40 for an extra 8GB storage is ridiculous... The problem I can see is the number of times having a removable SD has saved my data: bricked phone > remove card > copy NANDROID to PC > extract photos, apps, SMS database Is there gonna be any way to do stuff like this when it's not removable?

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