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  1. All of your recent builds are simply too unstable.. 1) have you considered actually testing the build before releasing it? browser a few webpages, play a few videos, some music, download some popular apps from market and take a few photos is an example of a simple test. 2) instead of having 3 different roms which all have pretty much the same base, why not just focus on one rom and perfect it? AOSP build was abanded with full of bugs? CM9/MIUI super unstable with constant reboots from as simple as running the browser after a fresh install.
  2. I think you misunderstood the meaning of my post, I was not acusing anyone of anything. I'm simply stating the grounds that people have when they ask someone for open source code in other words if the code doesn't follow what I said you can't "demand" for it and in terms of the violation that just goes with anyone that would violate the code this was more directed towards the users that are asking rather than Trip. and I don't really care what he releases and doesn't but if ANYONE violates the GPL then they just be prepared to face the consequences whether it's Trip or Cyanogen him self. Also there is SOME libraries that are open such as the MSM8260 code and the other framework stuff from Cyanogenmod.
  3. This is a very serious matter and no matter who the fudge are you or what you do this will never exclude you. If it's the KERNEL source that we are talking about or any sort of code used by the user from other proprietary code or other users code that is written under the Gnu General Public License then it's LEGALLY BINDING. Meaning you MUST release the modified code of that initial source code. I personally have no interest in your kernel however if someone else asks for your kernel then you HAVE to release it, if you wish not too then I'm sure there will be plenty of people(including my self) that will report this to http://gpl-violations.org/ and Paul O'Brien himself since he is the owner of this public domain where this is happening. /Just Saying...
  4. https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base/commits/ics It has been merged with the main repo. webview fix please and thank you ;)
  5. After one day of usage... Conclusion: this should still be an alpha, HWA is still not fully functional, videos don't work properly(not youtube video, actual rendering of videos) webview issue is defiantly from HWA which is also the cause of mis-functionality in gmail, mail and thousands of other apps, anything that uses a web view. This issue has greater precedent the camera lulz.
  6. using an older Gmail is not considered a fix... it's a replacement, huge difference.
  7. crashing while trying to save the picture does sound a like permissions problem...
  8. Ok so the web page rendering problem still exists everywhere except in the browser it self, any app that uses a browser window will have the 4 windows bug thingy... reporting in,
  9. Google Apps inside the build this time or should we flash the old ones?
  10. It is seems like any application that uses a WebView controller has that problem... launch the superuser application and look at the changelog.
  11. When people ask for an md5sum.. it's to simply verify their download of the file, since sometimes the download servers can mess up and corrupt some of the data over the download... Like right now when I downloaded version 8 It kept giving me boot loop so I downloaded the file again and now it worked.
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