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  1. Working miui v5 will not shell out until the source Now miui v5 has a lot of problems much more than v4
  2. Shendu os port for ZTE Blade Based CM10 daemond Working: RIL (mobile network & data) Wifi (& Wifi tethering) Bluetooth (& BT tethering) GPS Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc) Hardware vsync events (i.e. Project Butter) Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering Hardware video decoding & encoding Camera (photos, camcorder) SD card USB tethering Browser Touchscreen/multi-touch Sensors LEDs Not working:fm radio panorama usb mount Screenshot_V1 Screenshot V2 DOWNLONDS: Shendu_v1 Shendu_V2 GAPPS Thanks: [*]KonstaT [*]daemond
  3. Avatar Rom for ZTE Blade v2(BETA) JB 4.1.2 Love the minimal feel of CM? Love the themeing capability of MIUI? The Avatar team brings you, both combined in one ROM. Now enjoy beautiful MIUI themes on Cyanogen base. Based on CM10 daemond minimum system partition 165 mb DOWNLONDS AvatarRom GAPPS THANKS TO: KonstaT daemond
  4. lighter version of miui based on the latest build of daemond removed GAPPS and some programs miui_light
  5. it was my last update, the more correct one, I can not, if there are willing to help will be very happy On this topic is closed, waiting for miui v5
  6. miui jb 2.12.7 bag Switching 2g-3g http://mediafire.com/?7xkb4iu29ilv2kd
  7. miui 2.11.2 based AOKPCM10 Remix RC 2.3.4 http://mediafire.com/?fpdcabj5a27ii4b
  8. miui based on cm-10-20130108-KonstaKANG Screenshot ROM details: MIUI JB 2.12.28 cm-10-20130108-KonstaKANG Jelly Bean 4.1.2 system partition at least 190 mb. gapps included languageRussian English Chinese Working:RIL (mobile network & data) USB-tethering Wifi Bluetooth GPS Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc) Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering Video playback (as well as it did in ICS) SD card USB-storage Browser Touchscreen/multi-touch Sensors Camera Not working: [*]Wifi tethering (use an external app, e.g. WiFi Tether for Root Users) [*]FM radio Download [*]miui_2.12.28 [*]miui_2.12.28.light [*]lighter version of miui based on the latest build of daemond
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