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  1. I was working on that ... i noticed the # ... remembered that # means root... so i changes some stuff..... and now i am in !!!!!!!!!!!! its booting again.... and running :D Thanx dude.... again..... :-) :-)
  2. adb shell works... su is a no go : su not found
  3. I read it after.....i flashed it for the 2nd time.... :( Can i install busybox with abd ?
  4. Normal one, same as i have. acer_liquidmt_4.000.07_emea_gen1 as build number on my phone. Stays at "your" kernel screen for minutes now.... :( Only thing i did different, on my phone i first installed busybox and mt control, and now i only installed your kernel without the busybox and mt control.
  5. Ive just installed this one on another mt, but it is stuck on the screen "Technolovers kernel edition" after flash.... What can i do ??? Gitlfriend is not happy with me now :(
  6. blackvoske

    [APP] Liquid MT Control 1.4 (28.03.2012)

    Great.... thanx again for the effort you put in. Do you have an idea about new features, maybe thats a nice one to put online so we know what (maybe) to expect in the future ?
  7. blackvoske

    [APP] Liquid MT Control 1.4 (28.03.2012)

    And with that update i can just again flash over current version without losing data/settings ?
  8. Thanx again.... much to learn :-) Changed to smartassv2 now.
  9. Thanx, trying that one now and works :-) Removed all the other junk. Trying my phone @ 1400 for a few days. Can i do anything with those settings in nofrills like smartassv2 or governar etc ? And no, i am not using cm, stock mod.
  10. I've tried a few free ones, now i am trying rom manager.... testing again @ 1200. Which one is recommended ? Edit: it works now... running @1400 now.... total score: 3456.... quite a diff. with the stock speeds....damn :-)
  11. No, i mean after the test if still gives me 1024....set it to 1200, test...still at 1024. Reboot, set again at 1200 and test, again 1024 :S
  12. blackvoske

    [APP] Liquid MT Control 1.4 (28.03.2012)

    After i posted that i tried your kernel...and guess what...it works... Now playing with settings and antutu benchmarks.
  13. I just upgraded to this version.... easy as hell :-) But now, i want some speed... but don't know which settings are save and which are not. Is there any relation between voltage and gpu ? I can get my MT running at 1024, but if i set voltage [email protected] the benchmark tool gives me 1024 every time. is that maybe a "bug" in antutu benchmark?
  14. blackvoske

    [APP] Liquid MT Control 1.4 (28.03.2012)

    I don;t have the Technolover running, i installed the apk, also the busybox which is required. I have no option to set gpu / voltage, not supported kernel. I am running android 2.3.5, kernel version
  15. blackvoske

    *Fixed* Oops, deleted Media Container Service 2.2

    I managed to fix it. From my other phone i copied the apk to the sd card. first tried it with adb, but that didn't help me, cause it did not understand the cp command and i did not have rw rights. tried recovery mode (adb reboot recovery), mounted /system and then tried again with abd. (cp /sdcard/download/DefaultContainerService.apk /system/app/.) Rebooted... and the installation problems are gone B) . Don't know if any one ever needs it, but i wrote down the things that helped me.

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