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  1. Yeah... and he forgot to update to v15 here... v15 out on xda
  2. No, I mean insertion of new debug msgs directly in source. The old fashioned style.
  3. Probably none of the above... just new, at least for very first releases. When all issues will be ironed out it will surely give better battery or performance depending on the chosen optimizations. The real problem are closed source blob and drivers. AFAIK (but I'll be happy to hear it isn't so) nvidia hasn't updated his drivers to 3.x kernel so drivers have to be backported to new architecture and that's the reason why HTC stayed on 2.6.x
  4. ... kids thinking they're developers only because they cook some roms following someone else's tutorial and patching the framework with some icon and when it's time to get their hands in the dirty with sources most of them (not all of them, read it carefully) they don't know even where to start to get a building host up and running...
  5. It doesn't matter because everyone looking at github and reusing those commits will think Francisco made them. There's no reason in submitting only some commits as Trip's work and not all of them In open source community you build your reputation this way and these behaviors are unfair Sorry for my bad English but I hope it's clear enough
  6. There's a problem with your custom GApps. No voice search (downloadable from market btw) and search application (so no widget) and search from persistent search bar crashes. Restored Search app from TiBu and search worked again
  7. *developer mode on* Your browser is crashing. No one else is reporting this issue, so it's quite obvious you need full wipe. If the issue is still there then provide logcats of crashing browser or it wont happen. *developer mode off*[/code]
  8. LOL Have you ever looked at the HBOOT screen? That's the radio version even on stock rom and usually you can read it on system information too under the baseband section
  9. Playing music or other low CPU tasks in tegra3 could give false deep sleep time on CPU monitor apps because all apps think phone is in deep sleep because they compare the system uptime with the registered active time for the CPU provided by the system but since 5th core isn't detected from system this value is simply wrong
  10. Find the rogue app that keeps your phone awake. Setting min to 102 doesn't make it enter deep sleep but it could let your phone fall in SoD as it won't have enough power to wake up or to complete requested task while in in deep sleep. In deep sleep there's no CPU activities, so it doesn't make sense to set it to 102. The system responds to interrupts from timers (wakelock timers) and hardware
  11. Companion core (5th core) is inaccessible to system and managed by SoC itself, so there's no way to activate it and neither way to prove.it's running.
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