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  1. razzmataz1478

    [ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

    It was removed by Cyanogen upstream for every device because of Cyanogen Inc.
  2. razzmataz1478


    You have to use Volume+ and Home if I remember rightly. p.s. Hi! Long time no see everybody!
  3. Isn't there a hotmail app you can use? Or outlook.com?
  4. Oh..I'd never seen the Skate been built nightly on the jenkins so I never even thought about it.
  5. They're almost the same. Bu because Lalit rarely builds for the Skate, these could have newer features or fixes.
  6. razzmataz1478

    Ask MoDaCo: Asus FonePad

    Game performance compared to the Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7? Any comparison? Or does the Nexus win hands down? Also what is general performance like e.g. Speed of opening apps. Have you put it to your ear and made a call yet? :P
  7. razzmataz1478


    Haha, I couldn't help hacking it with a CFW either :P Got an Xperia T now though :D
  8. razzmataz1478

    Where is Tilal{Lalit} ?

    No, he's not, you are BRO. Wow this thread needs a mod to clean it up or delete it. WiiSky you need to stop posting such unthoughtful and disrespectful posts because this isn't the first time you've caused an argument like this.
  9. razzmataz1478

    Do you want to win a Netgear PTV 3000?

    How did you get one of these in the UK Paul?
  10. razzmataz1478


    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic :P Looking at getting an Xperia T though.
  11. Probably not. Your laptop will probably crash with only 1GB of RAM
  12. razzmataz1478

    Boot to Gecko - Worth a Shot?

    That's existed for a very long time. At the moment Firefox OS is hardcoded in armv7
  13. Fine, just been busy :P
  14. razzmataz1478


    Hm..ok. I couldn't check because my Skate's died.
  15. razzmataz1478

    [HELP] A black screen when using my phone

    @frank this is a definite hardware issue so seeing whether i can get into zte diagnostic mode will be of no help :(

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