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  1. Hi daddyx, how you unlock zte racer 2? I have the unlock code, but I don't know how enter it...
  2. To unlock you can try this: http://a-zgsm.com/calculator/ good luck!
  3. Hello Metrayetas, I'm also from spain and I've got a ZTE Racer II from Tuenti Mobile, I have the same problems with unknow freezes and automatic resets of the phone.
  4. Hi guy! Here you have the romdump! ;-) http://www.mediafire.com/?qz2a859k91n23a6
  5. Hello, I've found that the chip of the zte racerii (arizona) has a Broadcom BCM2157 arm11 dual core chip running at 500Mhz, ¿there are any plan to make a optimized rom for this device?
  6. Here you have the spanish romdump! ZTE Racer II SPAIN_TME_P728BV1.0.0B03 I hope this is useful
  7. Hi Baskin, I have another ZTE RACER II from "Tu" spanish mobile company, i want to make a romdump too how do you did this? I need to root the phone? Thanks!
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