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  1. miraclestone

    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    Working at my local Tim Horton's in Toronto. Thanks for the coffee Paul!
  2. miraclestone

    HTC One X Review

    Still waiting to see if the Canadian ver. is locked
  3. Hey there Paul..any further updates coming? Also, question re HTC One X...do you know if the North American version will be rootable? Is that even a word? TIA
  4. Great thanks! Have one other issue - not sure if others are experiencing? When I try and update Google+ its giving me a "package not signed correctly" Uninstall previous copy. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. Hey Paul..will you be updating with franco.Kernel Milestone 2?
  6. I would love to see user interface options available to modify the launch screen..much like the ones available in AOKP rom.
  7. Nah, thanks anyway. I'm going to fall back and wait for Ir12.
  8. Menu button on both sides with search button also active when hidden
  9. Just Baked. System UI error upon reboot. Notification window gone? Very weird.
  10. Weird..I find Google Maps constantly running in my recent apps when I havent even used it.
  11. Same with me - setup correctly the first time to set the PIN. After that - giving me an error when I enter it.
  12. I noticed that CirclesMod resulted in a UI error / freeze. thanks
  13. And smooth...man, smoothest rom I've ever used!

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