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  1. I have to report some issue. 1) strange battery drain at night, in airplane mode 2) when I insert PIN, the dots aren't clearly visible 3) when selecting something from a drop-down list, the word aren't clearly visible 4) the notification led work but use only missed call led for everyting even using mtcontrol ( notifications from Minimal rom by acer- works, maybe you can see how) :) except these problems, the rom is smooth and responsive :) good work! Devo riportare qualche problema 1) consumo di batteria anomalo durante la notte in modalità offline 2) quando inserisco il PIN, i puntini non si vedono molto bene 3) quando devo selezionare qualcosa da un menù a tendina, le parole sono scritte in bianco come lo sfondo e non si leggono 4) funziona solo il led di notifica di chiamate perse per tutte le notifiche, anche usando mtcontrol ( le notifiche della rom di acer-, MiNiMaL, che è sempre cm7, funzionano; magari puoi prendere qualcosa da li) :) tranne questi problemi, la rom è fluida e reattiva :) gran bel lavoro!
  2. si ma 12 ore senza fare praticamente niente, maps l'ho usato meno di 2 minuti 12 hours but doing practically nothing, I used maps less than 2 minutes
  3. ROM MiNiMaL RoM - only in 2G - internet connection always on - automatic screen brightness - CGU hovernor: smartassV2 122-608 MHz not intensive use: only fiew sms, 5/6 whatsapp message, no games... internet browsing only over wifi ROM MiNiMaL RoM - solo rete 2g - connessione internet sempre attiva - luminosità automatica - CGU hovernor: smartassV2 122-608 MHz non un uso intensivo: solo pochi sms, 5/6 messaggi whatsapp, non ho giocato... browsing internet solo sotto wifi
  4. the "technolover kernel edition" screen, after the initial screen of acer and before the boot animation
  5. here is the link from the Azurmetal rom http://www.modaco.com/topic/353795-rom-azurmetals-25-normal-and-ad2sdx/page__hl__%20azurmetal this zip is for azurmetal rom, i don't know if it work also for performance rom
  6. re-flashing the rom is the best way. from the azurmetas rom there is a flashable zip for breeze ui but I don't think it works
  7. Try Lg camera (free or pro). It work very well and you can change all camera setting... :)
  8. I had a few problems flashing cmw on windows xp, but on windows 7 everythings works :) ics themed AD2SDX rom stop on kernel screen, no problem with LINK2SD version... ROM work perfectly! :wub:
  9. sorry but the xperia have a similar processor and same ram...I thought it was possible...
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