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  1. Anybody point me too...latest version of aokp....:huh:... Thread name is quiet confusing... 23nov.2013 ..
  2. kamal_saran

    How to recover a bricked Blade?

    Nobody can fix it ..it is dead...happend to my blade too but I got replacement as it was within service period.... from dell
  3. Anybody or should I make a seperate thread.:rolleyes:
  4. Hey everybuddy I have a problem I'm Trying to port slimbean from skate...version using guide at xda about how to port ROM..... Everything works fine ..but root is not working.....anybuddy tell me what to do.....I'm using cm10.1 as Base....:rolleyes:
  5. Any one explain what's this:blink:
  6. Strange .....for me it's the smoothest ROM I have tried....can you explain your problem a bit....may problem is in something else:rolleyes:
  7. That is just awesome......I Mean PoA ........:lol:come on.......:lol:
  8. Bro that's what people said for miui:rolleyes:
  9. hey guys any idea where can i get volume upside down buttons ...mine got lost ...thanx in advance :)
  10. Currently running pa 2.66 .Hey bro nice Rom gonna try it.today..today I will bought a 16 gb card should I buy SanDisk will it support blade. :rolleyes: Installed it ...running smooth..... Anyway to add performance settings....
  11. Thanks bro will try latest build soon no problems with earlier builds .it made my blade awesome:D
  12. kamal_saran

    ZTE 2 Year Warranty Repair

    Anybody :rolleyes:

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