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  1. che recovery mi consigli di usare? ha anche l'overclock? e in che ext consigli di formattare la partizione per l'ad2sdx? grazie
  2. if you want i can sell to you my acer se vuoi ti posso vendere il mio acer http://www.ebay.it/itm/Cellulare-SMARTPHONE-Acer-Liquid-Metal-S120-COME-NUOVO-/161009938189?pt=Smartphone&hash=item257cf0af0d&_uhb=1#ht_500wt_1288
  3. I tried even with cm7, but there is the same problem :(
  4. Thanks ,do you fuound the fix ? What is the order to flash zips ? in order i flash: -minimal rom and reboot -gapps.zip and acer.zip and reboot -update and reboot -TechnoLover-Kernel-CM-1.5-1-20120625-signed.zip and reboot -AD2SDX-TechnoLover-1.3a-20120705-signed.zip and reboot. i tried all for apn, but these dont work(when i add apn i press save and when i watch the apn list, there is nothing), i tried even some apps: Apn italiani and apn backup and restore, but the result is the same!
  5. I fount this fix on xda for the kindle fire (search on google) and i don't know if this works with the acer... for mobile data i cant add an apn :(
  6. Does there work internet mobile? (vodafone it 128k sim)
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